The Borgias

1981 version

Since Showtime is about to introduce its version of the Borgias, I decided to go back and review the BBC version from thirty years ago. There was not a great deal of nudity, and the best stuff featured unidentified extras, but here's what there was: 



The TV Series


The excellent research by Spaz showed us that the uncut, unrated episodes on the DVD were worth a look, and Spaz had already done all the IDs, so I got on that shit. By the way, I can see why this crap didn't get renewed for a second season. It doesn't have much to offer.

Today, episodes 1-5. (That's really only four episodes. The pilot consisted of episodes one and two.)

The female star of the series, Jill Wagner, didn't really get nekkid, but she did a tease shower scene in episode three, and used a body double for a bare butt shot in episode 5.

There was nudity elsewhere:

Tammy Morris was topless in the pilot. (Samples below)

Elisa King was topless in episode 3.  (Samples below)

Aimee McKenzie was topless and offered a brief look at her butt in episode 3.  (Samples below)



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Leanne Mullen film clips (captures below)





Colpo Grosso

In the days to come are clips from Polarscan, edited by me, of the Italian TV show Colpo Grosso. No plot - women strip and seem to score points somehow but who really cares? Some passingly well-known gals, all of them more than sort of attractive. And topless.

Today: Susanna Farcach



Film Clips

Julie-Marie Parmentier and Christine Citti in Suite Noire (2011)

Lexi Baxter and Katy Marie Johnson in The Penthouse (2010)

Simona Popescu in The Other Irene (2009; see below)

Rachael Kemery in In Search Of (2009; see below)

Denise Aron-Schropfer in X2000 (1998; see below)

Maruschka Detmers in The Shooter (1995; see below)

Bernadette Lafont in Une belle fille comme moi (1972). She is still VERY active at age 71. She's like the female Depardieu - 211 credits at IMDb, including 134 films.

Annie Girardot and Anita Pallenberg in Dillinger e morto (1969; see below). Annie died less than a month ago. Anita Pallenberg is still acting. You may remember her from a trivia question. She dated three of the original Rolling Stones: Mick, Keith, and Brian Jones.