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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










One of the more successful early Blaxploitation films, it starred football legend Jim Brown. It was successful enough to spawn a sequel the following year, Slaughter's Big Rip-Off, which in itself seemed like kind of a rip-off of Shaft's Big Score.

Stella Stevens: many film clips.



Marlene Clark film clips.









From a Place of Darkness


We have a "Babe in Bondage" day today. First up Elina Madison all chained up in From a Place of Darkness. This was taken from a film clip in last Sundays Fun House.


Tower of London


Then we take the Time Machine all the way back to 1962 for Sandra Knight in Tower of London in glorious black & white. Poor Sandra is getting all stretched out on the rack. Sandra was at one time the wife of Jack Nicholson. Caps and .... a film clip.

(Scoop's note: Hank, I seem to have misplaced this film clip. Send again if you would! Here are the pics:)


TV Land

Today's TV Land feature is newsbabe Katie Couric showing a little leg doing an
interview on the "CBS Evening News." Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

I Want You


Rachel Weisz










The New Beverly Hills Girls


This is our princess Linnea Quigley, acting under the name of Linnea LaStray, showing all, and I mean ALL, in what is essentially a sex film. As usual, it is another piece of excellent detective work from Scorpion. The quality of the 4-minute all-girl clip is quite good, considering that the film has never been issued on Region 1 DVD. More from this film tomorrow.

Man, that Linnea had a gorgeous butt for a woman who weighed less than 100 pounds. Sample below.








Carmen Electra is everywhere lately. I think this is an old pic.

Cindy Crawford nude at 43, covered in suds.


Penelope Cruz topless in Elegy. Super HD. Just about life size.


Anne Hathaway flashes a bit of nipple in Rachel Getting Married


The little Hulkstress, Brooke Hogan

Classic Lohan pics revisited in higher quality

Classic Zhang Ziyi pics revisited in spectacular quality



Film Clips

The women of The Sheltering Sky. Not Bertolucci's finest hour, but it does feature nice nudity from Debra Winger and Amina Annabi

Another stab at Anne Brochet in Driftwood

Dasha Volga  and Olga Sidorova in Lisa Alisa, a Russian/French co-production from 2003.

Another stab at Mena Suvari in Stuck, Massive upgrade from all previous versions.

Some of the babes from the WIP classic Chained Heat, which featured Dean Wormer as the evil warden. Like every other version of this film produced in the past decades, the current cable version does NOT include the scene where Dean Wormer rapes Linda Blair, but it does include: lots of Monique Gabrielle in her physical prime, and the shower scene with Sybil Danning and Linda Blair. You can see RDO's caps of the classic rape scene in the Encyclopedia.