The Other Side of Midnight

Just read Tuna's review and put up a "ditto" for me. I think he stated the case perfectly. It's a 1970s chick-flick that seems more like a 1950s chick-flick, except with nudity. I got bored and rolled my eyes a bit when they were doing the Dynasty stuff with the scheming and romancing and melodrama, but it has several elements that make it palatable for guys.

1) LOTS of female nudity. Pisier does the Full Monty twice in four nude scenes, and the scene with Sarandon in the see-through nightie in the thunderstorm is a classic. One of the top ten sexiest non-nude scenes! (Although I suppose it really is a nude scene, since the nightie covers nothing while covering everything.)

2) Elegant photography and lots of exotic locales. Think of it as a James Bond film without the action, and the DVD transfer is outstanding. (As you can see in the clips)

3) Some crazy plot twists, especially at the end, as Tuna noted.

4) There is often some interesting stuff going on. It is peripheral to the plot, but there's some interesting background about Hollywood's efforts in WW2, cave exploration, the Greek court system, etc. All of that keeps it from getting too routine. Sydney Sheldon was no William Faulkner in the writing department, and he never met a cliche he didn't like, but he knew how to tell a page-turning story. Reviews of his novels usually said, in more refined terms, "Totally sucks. I couldn't put it down!"

5) If you get bored (it is too long), you can switch over to a full-length commentary by legendary producer Frank Yablans, legendary writer Sydney Sheldon (he just died about two months ago), director Charles Jarrott, and a film historian.

Anyway, here are the film clips



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Dirty Pool

Dirty Pool (1970) is a softcore sex film directed by Ed Stevens, and is on The Buxom Bombshell Collection DVD with Fancy Lady, another Stevens effort.

Uschi, it seems, is a "Sun Goddess. According to her doctor, she absorbs the sun's rays, which make her sexually insatiable. Her husband decides to enlist the aid of swingers Joyce Adams and her husband to help. We see a sex scene between Joyce and her husband before they arrive, and a scene with Uschi and her husband, then hubby has a change of heart, and goes to the bottom of the hill to send them away. They come up the back, find Uschi by the pool, and the three are all tangled together by the time hubby returns. They play swap around for the rest of the film, both by the pool, and in the house.

This one has a marginally more interesting plot than Fancy Lady, and a good deal more naked Uschi, which is after all the only reason for watching these. This, like Fancy Lady, was an unknown Uschi effort before Seduction Cinema unearthed them. Even if you are not a big softcore or Uschi fan, you have to appreciate two more films being preserved. For Uschi fans, you will want this DVD.

This is a C.

IMDb readers have yet to discover this.


Both Uschi Digard ...

... and Joyce Adams show everything. While this is soft core, it is rather explicit, and also includes foot fetish material. 











Emmanuelle 5, day 2

Day two of our Monique Gabrielle marathon as we return for more from Emmanuelle 5. Lots of full frontal furry fun with sexy Monique in these caps and five more clips.







The King

There's plenty of sleaze in this 2005 drama, not to mention enough crimes to fill a small book.

Elvis, a troubled young man, son of a prostitute, is discharged from the Navy. He decides to search for the man his mother said was his father. When Elvis finds him, the man is now a preacher with a family, and asks that Elvis not become a part of his life or intrude on his family.

Elvis intends to honor the man's wishes, but he falls for the man's 16 year-old daughter, who of course is also his half-sister. However, no one in the family other than the preacher knows who Elvis is, and to keep the secret, the preacher must stand by helplessly as things unfold. As the romance progresses, events begin to spiral downward at a steady pace, leading to a surprising if not unexpected ending.

This is a compelling drama with first-rate performances, and is well worth watching. Interestingly, Pell James was 28 when she played the girl. The director purposely avoided knowing her age, as he felt it would be too distracting to find out she was a lot older than the character. He finally found out on the last day of production.


Pell James

Veronica Bernal






Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

2007 sequel released straight to video with no special features other than a sticker on the box saying that it stars Tobin Bell from the Saw trilogy.

The supporting cast list is very vague but googling the actresses' names shows that Jessica Parker Kennedy is definitely the one who flashed her boobs at the bar (see her head shot in the collage, which is a perfect match to the frames from the movie), not Margherita Donato as per earlier nudity reports. Margherita Donato, baded on her other role in Selling Innocence, looks more like the goth/punkette girl.

(1) Kim Poirier: bare midriff
(2) Kailin See: full frontal as chick with glasses
(3) Lindsay Maxwell: topless having alien sex

(4) Natalie McFetridge: robohooters having alien sex

(5) Michelle Molineux: brassiere having alien sex

(6) Jessica Parker Kennedy: flashing boobs

(7) Margherita Donato: cleavage having goth sex
(8) Laura Rushfeldt: having lesbian kiss







Mississippi Mermaid

A wealthy plantation owner (Jean-Paul Belmondo) gets a mail-order bride (Catherine Deneuve), who skips town with his bank account. He tracks her down and reestablishes a relationship with her, continuing to love her even after he discovers she is trying to poison him.


Catherine DeNeuve








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 14

Season 3, Ep 3

Claudia Black, S3, E3

Tammy McIntosh, S3, E 3






Alice Henley in Rome. Great scene and she is very sexy, a cross between Rose McGowan and Christina Ricci.
Claire Danes selling slacks. You've seen this commercial. "Anything you can do, I can do better ..."
Kitt 5000 made some film clips from the uncensored version of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Beautiful quality.

Here are Kitt's colorful comments:

"This uncut version of the 1984 classic features more nudity and a lot more gore. You might notice a change in quality during certain scenes. This is where they put the cut frames back in. There is rape & murder in these scenes so you fucking pussies are warned."