s1e3, 1080hd

Thalissa Teixeira


s1e7, 1080hd

Ella Rumpf


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The Invitation

2015, 1920x800

Tammy Blanchard

Lindsay Burdge


"Adam Looking for Eve"

This is a German version of the Dutch reality series where 18 participants try to find a partner. The point of difference is that everybody is naked. The action takes place on Tikehau Atoll in French Polynesia. Of the 18 people, seven are ‘celebrities’: Leonore Bartsch , Janni Hönscheid , Sarah Joelle Jahnel , Daniel Köllerer , Peer Kusmagk , Ronald Schill and Janina Youssefian. You can google to find out more about them. In the collages the non-celebrities are only known by their first names.

Episode 6


Janina Youssefian

Janni Honscheid

Leo Bartsch

Episode 7



Janina Youssefian

Leo Bartsch




Ana Tanaka

Food of Love

2002, 1080hd

Juliet Aubrey film clip (collage below)

Paula Bacon film clip (sample below)

Sadie Katz, Augie Duke and Sarah French etc. in Clown Fear (2020) in 1080hd

Elena Martin in Watermelon Juice (2019) in 960x720

Cerris Morgan Moyer in Fantasy (2019) in 1080hd

Lina Beckmann in Fuehlen Sie Sich Manchmal Ausgebrannt Und Leer (2017) in 1080hd

Andrea Wenzl in Die Vaterlosen (2011) in 720p

A few 2160 clips enlarged and enhanced by AI

Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia (2011)

Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things (2010)


Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier (2007)