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The major story going around the web is that Tigerlily allowed a friend to post a censored nude video on Snapchat. Ooh - bad idea. Somebody figured out how to get or create an uncensored version, and the rest is internet history. I covered the details on Other Crap.

This is the uncensored version of the Snapchat video, and below is a still image which has been making the rounds.

Ku'damm 56 is a three-part mini-series which takes place during Germany's struggle to recover after WW2. The German TV film is about the struggle to rediscover national identity, the awakening of youth, the economic hardship, and other all-but-forgotten aspects of the period between the devastating war and "the economic miracle."

Emilia Schuele and Sonja Gerhardt in part three



Anne Werner in part one

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Lena Headey

Cara Buono




  Karen Hassan


This week, the movies are from 1997 and 1998:

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) has no nudity but Jennifer Love Hewitt

and Brandy Norwood are very sexy.

Point of No Return


Another Australian Classics update today featuring a couple of obscure 90s genre movies.

Point Of No Return is a 1994 thriller where former military man Grady (Marcus Graham), now in jail, attends the funeral of his brother and on the way back home, escapes custody and attempts to make sense of his brother's murder. His first stop is his old flame Kate (Nikki Coghill), who had moved onto his brother after Grady was jailed and gets her to reluctantly tag along as he heads to his brother's house. At the house, he finds Frank (John Arnold), who is ransacking the house looking for something. It turns out that Frank is looking for triggers for nuclear weapons that Grady's brother was flogging off to the Russian mafia. While searching the house, Grady finds a zone activated hidden camera which captures of all things, Grady's brother's death at the hands of North Korean 'businessmen' who also seem to be after the triggers. While trying to figure out what to do next, a delivery man arrives with a box with the triggers. Frank also arrives back at the house with the North Koreans and they want those triggers real bad. With the cops closing in on Grady, he might just get out of this mess alive. Efficient thriller, that about the best thing I can say about the movie because the plot is totally ludicrous. Spends the second and third act at Grady's brother's house which really shows how low budget it is although Marcus Graham playing his non-twin brother with a dodgy wig and moustache does it better. It's not a bad movie, just one that wallows with very low intentions. Love that I found this DVD, which is OK quality for a barely seen movie (and one not available on DVD in Australia) and it ends with a menu that straight from a DVD recorder as if it was recorded off of that. From an actual distributor, this is pretty low rent... Better than not being available anywhere I s'pose.

Nikki Coghill film clip (collage below)

Tunnel Vision


Tunnel Vision is a 1994 serial killer thriller where maverick cop Frank (Robert Reynolds) and his loyal partner Kelly (Patsy Kensit, interesting get for an Australian movie) are looking into a killer who is painting his victims on canvas before murdering them. Meanwhile, Frank is having issues with his advertising project manager wife Helena (Rebecca Rigg), who he is convinced is having an affair with her co-worker David (David Woodley). After busting up a robbery where he shoots the robber, Frank is on his last chance. As the bodies pile up, an art dealer named Breslin (Justin Monjo) becomes a prime suspect. Frank is then replaced on the case by Steve (Gary Day), which sets something off in Frank, oh an finding Helena having dinner with David. Frank completely loses it but he still wants Helena, who actually isn't having an affair, it's just Frank jumping to conclusions. Meanwhile, there's a killer to catch and Kelly thinks she has solved it, but there's one last twist that will make finding a serial killer irrelevant. Baffling movie where the main serial killer plot is a total red herring to the real plot of who really wants to fuck Helena, which turns out to be pretty much anyone and who wouldn't when it's the gorgeous Rebecca Rigg we are talking about. The movie practically abandons the serial killer plot as Frank loses his shit over the smallest things without doing the slightest investigating. No wonder he's a maverick cop who doesn't play by the rules because if it did, he'd probably find out who the killer is instead of who wants his wife. While there's a neat twist at the end involving who that is, it actually co-opts the serial killer who's lying in wait. I've never seen anything like it, it's so bizarre. And the DVD for this movie was on the only double-sided DVD I've ever seen that I found in the bargain bin at JB Hi-Fi about 12 or so years ago. There some British movie I've never watched on the other side (I should look, it might have something good in it...). Plus the sound mix of this movie is terrible, with so much fiddling around just to hear the actors speak. Every other sound was fine. It seems to be fine on the videos too, but it took a bit of mucking about to get that right.)

Vanessa Steele film clip (sample below)

unknown film clip (sample below)

 Movie/TV Clips

Jasmine Mae in The Editor (2014) in 1080hd

Jennifer Kowalchuk and Jynx Vandersteen, also in The Editor

Ariane Labed and Angeliki Papoulia in Alpies (2011) in 720p