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"True Blood"

Aesthete's current series: seasons four and five in 1920x1080

Today: s5e2

unknown actress




Candice Coke


Just Shoot Me!

Just Shoot Me! is set in a fictional fashion magazine called Blush. It was very popular in its day and went for 148 episodes over seven seasons. Being a fashion magazine, there was plenty of opportunity to show some lovely women. There is no nudity of course but there is plenty of eye candy.

Season 5 Episode 6 Brandi, You're a Fine Girl (2000)

Jenny McCarthy

Season 5 Episode 14 The Auction (2001)

Lucy Lawless

Season 5 Episode 15 Mayas and Tigers and Deans, Oh My (2001)

Pamela Anderson

Season 5 Episode 17 Where's Poppa? (2001)

Valerie Perrine

Season 5 Episode 18 Erlene and Boo (2001)

Brooke Shields

Season 5 Episode 22 At Long Last Allie (2001)

Kristin Bauer

Wendy Malick

Brande Roderick

Season 6 Episode 1 Finch in the Dogg House (2001)

Kristin Bauer

Season 6 Episode 5 Maya Judging Amy (2001)

Tiffani Thiessen

Season 6 Episode 6 Finch Chasing Amy (2001)

Tiffani Thiessen

Season 6 Episode 7 The Impossible Dream (2001)

Tiffani Thiessen

Casting Couch


Recent DVD mock-documentary about some movie geeks casting some bimbo actresses for a movie.

Chasty Ballesteros: Canuck actress is the only lead to go topless.

Melissa Johnston: topless.

Tawnie Brown: topless.

various: various leads in lingerie.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "The Ceremony: (s3e09)

Sarah Jackson: bra and panties as lingerie model.


episode: "Fetal Attraction" (s1e07)

Lisa Rose Snow: cleavage making out.


episode: "Cherry Blossoms" (s1e09)

Holly Deveaux: bra and panties.

Madeleine Bisson: partial boob while having a wardrobe malfunction.

Mayko Nguyen: sexy.

"Mr. D"

episode: "Poker Night" (s2e09)

Bette MacDonald: cleavage.

"Arctic Air"

episode: "Hell Hath No Fury" (s2e09)

Michelle Harrison: brassiere.


le episode 2.8

Marie-Evelyne Lessard: sort of nude


New critically acclaimed cable series with a couple of Canuck actresses in the top leads which is a first for an European historical production.

Katheryn Winnick:  bare back having sex. Legs while trying to lure captured monk into threesome.

Jessalyn Gilsig: fully clothed sex trying to get chieftain’s Odin up.

Kopek - Love is dead

(music video)

This song is featured in the soundtrack for the Saw 3D movie.

Amber Jean Rowan: Irish model in bra and panties. She plays a love slave in the Viking cable series.


Big stink last week when a Toronto newspaper published a front page photograph of 17 year-old Canadian figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond (no relation to Donnie and Marie) doing the high kicks revealing her red panties.

Despite the controversy it generated, a standard image search of her name reveals such photographs of female figure skaters are standard.

Film Clips

Kaitlin Riley in Scavengers (2013) in 720p

screen vets Barbara Auer and Katja Riemann in Verratene Freunde (2013) in 720p



Rebecca Whitehurst in Dark Feed (2012)

Erika Sainte in Elle ne pleure pas elle chante (2011)

Elisa Dushku in Nobel Son (2007) in 720p

Nina Hoss in Das Maedchen Rosemarie (1996)

Greta Scacchi in Shattered (1991) in 720p


Jenny Garth downblouse

Yrsa Daly-Ward in Death Race: Inferno (2013)

Simone van Rooyen, also in Death Race: Inferno

Tanit Phoenix, also in Death Race: Inferno

Alicia Rodriguez and Maria Omegna in Joven y alocada (2012)

Drake Burnette in Marfa Girl (2012)

Indigo Rael, also in Marfa Girl

Maya Parish in Midnight Son (2011)

Alison Doody in Taffin (1988)