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I haven't had time to view the clip from Zombie Night 2 but that woman can't be Dana McArdle, who is a dude. I think the actress in question is Sharon DeWitt who has a hot sex scene in the shower.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Dirty Blondes


As the film starts, two branches of an archeology team are working simultaneously to prove that American Indians traded with South Sea Islanders. One group, consisting of two guys and Allysin Chaynes, are in the Mojave desert, and the other group, consisting of Holly Hollywood and Jana Cova, are in French Polynesia. Both groups discover identical pottery, seeming to prove their point, but are notified that their funding has suddenly expired.

Allysin Chaynes then does what she always does when something goes wrong, she gets laid.

This is also what she does when something goes right.

Or even when things just cruise along on an even keel.

Jana Cova and Holly Hollywood also react true to form -- they do each other. Then a native girl, Teanna Kai, tells them about a rich surfer dude who is looking for the perfect wave. So what do the two do? Why each other, of course, but they can't get rich dude interested in joining the mix. Rather, he wants Teanna Kai, who is willing. Surfing Rich Guy is then satisfied sexually, but is still not persuaded to part with any of his moola to support archeology. Then both teams find evidence that the surfer's father died doing the very same research. Moved by tears of improbable coincidence, he decides to supply the funding.

Allysin Chaynes is so happy that she ...

I'll bet you can guess this plot twist.

The women are attractive, the music is not bad, the photography is decent, and having two locations helped reduce the boredom. The sex scenes seem to go on forever, however. Let's say it's a passable but not compelling genre flick.

Jana Cova 21

Holly Hollywood 21

Teanna Kai 26

Allysin Chaynes 28










Virgin Territories


This is a lady we hope to see more of in the future, the lovely English model Kate Groombridge. These are breasts to die for, and not a bad view from the rear either.









Thirteen Erotic Ghosts


Several film clips of Aria Giovanni









Adele Gigantes in Romeo et Juliette, French-Canadian style. Even though this is is a 2006 film, it features a performance from the legendary Jeanne Moreau, who began her screen career in the 1940s.

Pretty girl, excellent nudity.


Also from the same film, Johanne Fontaine. Perfectly clear nudity but, trust me, you do NOT want to click on this picture.

Nina Gnaedig in Ein langer Abscheid (A long farewell)
Lana Joyce in Confessions of a Young American Housewife, a campy bit of softcore erotica from Joe Sarno. I don't remember Lana. Her career spanned only a very short period 1973-75, during which she made only four films and was not even credited in two of those.
Theresa Scholze in Fleisch

Film Clips

Anne Heche in Return to Paradise
Adriana Lima in the "behind the scenes" docu from her GQ shoot. (sample right)
Natalie Blair in the immortal cinema classic Voodoo Lagoon (sample right)
Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain in HD. There are a couple of damaged frames at the beginning. After that, awesome quality.


Career review: Laura Linney

In 1999, Linney was 35 years old and had never done a nude scene. It seemed that she never would. Then she did a clear full frontal in daylight in Maze. That got the ball rolling. From 2000-2004 Laura was nekkid just about non-stop. It sure didn't hurt her career any.  Before 2000 - no significant acting awards. Since then, three Oscar nominations and about fifty other assorted awards and nominations.

There are two lessons here:

For us: we should never despair. Even women who avoid nudity throughout their careers may see the light. Don't abandon hope for JLH or Julia Roberts or Winona Ryder, if that's your bag, baby.

For actresses: remove those clothes and start winning awards. It worked for Linney. It worked for Halle. It can work for you.

  • Maze 2000. If you haven't seen this, you must, because it is a beautiful woman who is also a terrific actress stark naked in good light. And if you have seen it - well, this clip is in 960x720 resolution with excellent sound, so it may be a lot better than what you have seen before.
  • Further Tales of the City 2001
  • The Life of David Gale 2003
  • Love Actually 2003
  • Kinsey 2004
  • P.S. 2004 (no nudity in this one, but still worth a look if you like Laura)