Below Her Mouth

It seems that there is one of these every year - a quite explicit lesbian drama with full-length sex scenes in real time. Below Her Mouth is the one for this year, and now we have it in 1080hd.

One reviewer called the film "breathtakingly bad" and "amateurish." That's not unreasonable. In fact it might be generous. There might be 50 lines of dialogue, none of which will threaten to take any work from Quentin Tarantino. It is all routine stuff like "I gotta go." The production values seem to be on the home movie level. And there's really no plot other than - girl meets girl, girl's fiance walks in on them, girl eventually goes back to having sex with fiance, which makes her cry. The motivation for her tears is ambiguous, left up to the audience's imagination.

The dominant lesbian (Erika Linder), who always seems to be wearing a strap-on, doesn't seem to be a professional actress. I'm guessing she's just an actual lesbian who was asked if she would mind getting paid to have sex on camera with some beautiful girls. The bisexual woman (Natalie Krill) is not that much better at delivering her lines, but she is certainly athletic. There's a masturbation scene in an old fashioned bathtub which required her to suspend her torso with her arms while holding her lady bits up to the faucet and faking an orgasm. That's the most impressive thing in the movie

In the scenes below, Erika Linder is the blond in charge; Andrea Stefancikova is the strip club worker; the other two are Natalie Krill and Mayko Nguyen. Krill is the one with the light eyes who keeps hopping between female and male partners, occasionally pausing for masturbation. Mayko is the Eurasian. (I suppose you guessed that last one.)

There are 30 minutes of sex scenes, so they are split up into smaller downloads.

Clips by Ruffah

Celblok H
Dutch series; s4e11; 1080

Loes Haverkort and Isa Hoes

Workin' Moms
s1e11; 720

Jessalyn Wanlim

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"Mad Dogs"

s1e1, 1920x1080

Jodie Smith



No nudity but Kristen Wiig

 and Mila Kunis look good.

Moontrap: Target Earth


Johnny's comments:

Moontrap: Target Earth is a sci-fi drama where a spaceship is found embedded in the Earth, but no-one can work out where it's from or how it works. A mysterious organisation that is working through a cypher in Richard (Charles Shaughnessy) and his assistant is desperate to find out how it works, but also bumping off anyone that knows of its existence. They bring in Scout (Sarah Butler) and her long time friend/lover Daniel (Damon Dayoub), experts in their field to have a go at finding out how the spaceship works and when Scout touches it, she receives a vision of something that happened to members on the ship. Richard is tasked to kill them by the organisation, but after Daniel is killed, Scout bargains with Richard. After been knocked out, Scout awakens on the ship where Richard was earlier sent and a robot forces her to recreate what the former head of the ship was doing, but with other robots closing in to kill everyone and Richard wanting everything for himself, Scout is going to have a hard time fulfilling her destiny.

Very low budget movie and it shows not just in the special effects, but the flimsy, seen-it-all before plot which seems to be hastily put together. Nothing dozens of similar movies have done better.

Sarah Butler film clips (collages below)

Ava's Impossible Things


Johnny's comments:

Ava's Impossible Things is a drama where Ava (Chloe Farnworth), who has given up her dreams to look after her terminally sick mother (Susan Duerden) when she makes the request to end her life. Ava, who has been experiencing weird dreams recently, is shocked by the request. She is also in a relationship with Jessa (Lauryn Nicole Hamilton), who is pregnant with their child but they are currently going through a rough patch. Ava falls asleep and begins to dream about experiencing the biggest moment of her life and she also must repair her relationship with Jessa, but she is struggling to find a way to do so. Or something...

Baffling movie that I'm not sure what the point of is apart from Ava getting to do everything she's given up while learning to live with her mother's decision, but two-thirds of the movie is this dream which goes round and round in circles until a 6+ minute lesbian sex scene pretty much ends it. Definitely for a specific audience and that definitely isn't me.

Chloe Farnworth and Lauryn Nicole Hamilton film clip (Farnworth collage below)


Aly Raisman in the "making of" video for -ESPN The Magazine' 2015 Body Issue (720)

Vintage: Meg Ryan full frontal nudity in In The Cut (2003) in 1080.

Abbey Clancy

Megan Fox