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Marina Valmont hosted the Entertainment segment on March 17

Frankie Kennedy recapped the Razzies on March 19

Women of the Night

new Netflix series, season one, 1080hd

Daphne Wellens in episode 1

Isis Cabolet in episode 2

Julia Akkermans in episodes 3 and 6

Karina Smulders in episode 6

Anne-Laure Vandeputte in episodes 8 and 10

Nienke van Hofslot in episode 9


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Papa Hemingway in Cuba

2016, 1920x800

Joely Richardson

Minka Kelly


"Adam Looking for Eve"

This is a German version of the Dutch reality series where 18 participants try to find a partner. The point of difference is that everybody is naked. The action takes place on Tikehau Atoll in French Polynesia. Of the 18 people, seven are ‘celebrities’: Leonore Bartsch , Janni Hönscheid , Sarah Joelle Jahnel , Daniel Köllerer , Peer Kusmagk , Ronald Schill and Janina Youssefian. You can google to find out more about them. In the collages the non-celebrities are only known by their first names.

Episode 2


Leo Bartsch


Sarah Joelle Jahnel

Episode 3

Leo Bartsch


Sarah Joelle Jahnel

Exquisite Corpse


Grabbriella Gatto

Wiktoria Gasiewska in Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020) in 1080hd

Milene Tournier in Automne Malade (2019) in 720p

Jasmina Lukanovic in POOL (2015) in 1080hd

Rita Ora