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Black Sails had only one fleeting breast from an unidentified background harlot. Not worth the look.

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Aesthete resumes his coverage of the groundbreaking series with season two





Kelly and Cal


Full-frontal reflected nudity from Juliette Lewis

Are You Here?


Alana de la Garza


"Young Drunk Punk"

(TV series - basically That '70s Show for hosers.)

episode: "European Style" (s1e4)

Athena Karkanis: former Degrassi babe shows some cleavage.

episode: "Ian and Shinky Make a Movie" (s1e7)

Chantal Conlin: bikini as Sunshine Girl.

Allie MacDonald: very sexy in catsuit.

Shae Keebler: just sexy.

episode: "Yoga Show" (s1e9)

Allie MacDonald: very sexy in leotards.

Tracy Ryan: cleavage and crotch shots in leotards.

Yoga: cleavage and crotch shots in leotards. Yoga shows such as "20 Minute Workout" were quite explicit back then.


Allie MacDonald: showing a ton of cleavage in the movie "Stage Fright".

During the 70s/80s yoga shows were quite explicit with crotch/cleavage shots. Then Jane Fonda came along and ruined it by making it mainstream without those shots. Here's Cynthia Kereluk, former Miss Canada (1984) showing more cameltoe than a camel race.

"Mr.  D"

(TV series, episode "Gerry's Kid" - s4e9)

Robyn Alomar: sex as yoga instructor.

Yoga: sexy in leotards. That's J-Roc from the Trailer Park Boys sweatin' to the oldies.


Robyn Alomar is the daughter of baseball player Roberto Alomar
Very sexy bikini shots from her instagram account.

Bikini in ice bucket challenge in video on her instagram account.


(TV series, episode: "Blood for Blood" - s2e5)
This poignant scene is featured in both the actresses' acting demos.
Erica Deutschman shows some sideboob having lesbian sex with Heidi Lynch.

Sex Addict/Love Addict

(2011, video)

(17) Erica Deutschman: very nice cleavage. 


 (English-speaking version, episode "Orphans" - s2e9)
  Dana McLoughlin: ass in thong falls out of tight jeans while resisting arrest.


(la French-speaking séries, la saison trois, le s3e8)

Catherine-Amélie Côté: pokies, then getting raped.

Louise Turcot: partial boob le GILF. Her first nude scene was in 1970 and she still did a topless scene in a movie last year.

"Unité 9"

(Le TV séries,  la saison trois, le s3e22)

Catherine-Anne Toupin: bare-ass after getting an enema using a turkey baster.

Subject 1

(2014 short, trailer)

Melinda Michael: very tight costume but her panty lines are very visible.

This Is An Ending

(2015  short, trailer)

Anja Gorille : bra and panties as hooker.

"Fatal Vows"

(TV series, episode: "Hanging by a Thread" - s3e7)

Freya Ravensbergen: bra and panties dead in morgue.


(TV series, episode: "Bad Dreams_ - s2e7)

Tommie-Amber Pirie: bra and panties and then some buns in sex scene.

Appropriate Behavior


Johnny's comments:

Appropriate Behaviour is a comedy-drama about Shirin (Desiree Akhavan, who also wrote and directed the movie), an Iranian-American bi-sexual woman living in New York who has just broken up with her first proper girlfriend Maxine (Rebecca Henderson) in a rather ugly manner. She is also afraid of telling her parents about her attraction to women which causes her more grief when her older brother is busy making it known he is about to get married - to the joy of their parents. Shirin moves in with her friend Crystal (Halley Feiffer) and takes a job teaching a film class... to young kids. She tries to move on with a fling with a man she picked up while online dating and getting involved in a threesome that ends badly. Meanwhile, we see bits of Shirin and Maxine's relationship, from how they met being miserable at a New Year's party, to Shirin sort of introducing her to her parents, through to the bitter end.

Fairly amusing tale that has one major problem that took me a while to get used to and that was that the movie follows two separate timelines, following the now and throughout their relationship. It took me a long while to realise this was the case as the movie flowed quickly between both and even the occasional meeting in the present which again threw me off. Otherwise, the movie is fine and Desiree Akhavan has similarities to Aubrey Plaza, which means there are some genuine laughs throughout the movie, a fair amount about them involving her erratic sex life. I just wish the timelines were more obvious.

Desiree Akhavan film clips (collages below)

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