TV Recap

Unusually, there was nothing from Friday night cable.

Naked News (3-20) did feature a longer segment with one of the new women: Angie.

Giulia Elettra Gorietti in episode 4 of I segreti di Borgo Larici, a new Italian mini-series. This episode aired February 12th. What a behind on this lady!

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Bad Biology



The conclusion
It's your standard 80s-style B movie with wall-to-wall nudity, except that the 80s didn't have any technology that allowed for the distribution of 1920x1080 film clips.
600 meg worth of clips of Charlee Danielson

Part 1 of the film clips

Part 2


TV/Film Clips

Here's another look at Eva Green's nude scene in 300: Rise of an Empire. The quality is still not very good, but it is far better than the previous clip.

Manuela Martelli in Il Futuro (2013)

Maya Sansa in Voyez comme ils dansent (2011) in 1080p

Markie Collins and Nicole Zeoli in Machine Head (2011)



Lola Peploe in Noi credevamo (2010)

Melanie Laurent in L'amour cache (2007)

Sabrina Salerno, Trine Michelsen and Serena Grandi in Delirium (1987)





The women of The Hungover Games in better quality captures:

Rita Volk

Kayden Kross

Sophie Dee


an HD capture of Danielle Lozeau in Black Water Vampire

an HQ capture of Camilla Semino Favro in L'Assalto