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Cynthia Gibb film clips (captures below)





Patrick is a 1978 thriller about a nurse Kathy Jacquard (British actress Susan Penhaligon), who goes to work at mental care facility and encounters Patrick, a comatose patient who is a mystery to all. The arrival of Kathy stirs something in Patrick and he begins to show signs that he knows exactly what's going on. He communicates with Kathy via a typewriter. Then weird things start to happen, affecting people who are either attracted to her, as in her ex-husband and a new beau or are making her work life hard as in the matron. It seems Patrick has the ability of telekinesis and he will do anything including killing people to make Kathy his, even though he never leaves his bed. Patrick is very Hitchcockian in style and director Richard Franklin is actually a well known protege of Hitchcock (he directed Psycho 2). And boy does this film have a weird vibe about. Some of the film is quite perverse (something Hitchcock was also known for). The film is well worth a look if you like something that is well directed, a bit out there and some good thrills along the way.

Oh, by the way, Patrick is currently being remade by the guy that made Not Quite Hollywood. The original has a distinct style to it that worked. Hmm, I don't know about this.

Susan Penhaligon film clip

Carole Ann Aylett film clip

Helen Hemingway film clip (collages below for this one)


Colpo Grosso

In the days to come are clips from Polarscan, edited by me, of the Italian TV show Colpo Grosso. No plot - women strip and seem to score points somehow but who really cares? Some passingly well-known gals, all of them more than sort of attractive. And topless.

Today: Jasmine Capelli



Film Clips

Luisa Ranieri in Eros (2004; see below)

Regina Nemni and Luisa Ranieri in Eros (2004; see below)

Regina Nemni in Eros (2004; see below)

Robin Tunney and an unknown in End of Days (1999) in 1080p

Wendy Rhodes in Inland Empire (2006) in 1080p




Emmy Rossum in Sunday's Shameless


Laura Wiggins in Sunday's Shameless

Heather Chadwell on Funny or Die (Feb 2011)

Do-Yeon Jeon in The Housemaid (2010)


And a bunch of new HQ collages by Dead Red:

Candice Swanepoel

Miranda Kerr

Diane Lane in Chaplin

Moira Kelly in Chaplin

Milla Jovovich Lane in Chaplin

Helena Soubeyrand in Main basse sur une ile

Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead