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Head in the Clouds


Today we have one of my favorites the cute and sexy Charlize Theron in "Head in the Clouds". Charlize shows off her beautiful tits in the bathtub with one lucky dude. Caps and an HD clip.





Broken Flowers


Alexis Dziena 1920x800 film clip (samples below)





Another mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting direct-to-DVD by Hector Echavarria. This movie has at least four American Pie Naked Mile/Beta House babes.

Michelle Suppa: pulling triple duty as uncredited stripper, Jordan Madley's body double in sex scene and then Jordan's butt double for the bathtub scene. Full nudity including some explicit pooter shots.

Ashleigh Hubbard: topless as stripper with heart of gold, $20 and she'll dance for you all night and become your girlfriend afterwards.

Pamela Mars: topless as uncredited stripper

Jordan Madley: cleavage only

Strippers: more topless uncredited topless

La derniere incarnation


Obscure find of the week as low budget b-movies are usually not made for the French-Canadian market.  Quebec actress Catherine Florent shows full nudity as alien chick found nekkid in the woods. But no sex scenes afterwards to propagate her species.

Run Robot Run!


PG-rated sci-fi romance involving robots.

Lara Kelly: tight sweater and legs.

Jamie Holmes: sort of shower nude.


Too Young to Marry

(2007 TV movie)

From the wimmin's network "high-school-students-have-premarital-sex-and-decide-to-marry" week

Nina Dobrev: bare back, cleavage, panties.


(2010 TV movie)

CBC movie which looks like a television pilot for a series that hasn't been greenlighted yet.

Liane Balaban: bra and panties

Daisy Haggard: sexy

"Cashing In"

episode: "The Really Big Show" (s2e2)

A brand new season.

Nancy Sorel: brassiere

"18 to Life"

 episode "Working Noon to Five" (s1e09)

Stacey Farber: boobs almost popping out of her tank top.


 episode: "Ghosts in the Machine"

The season finale is next week.

dancers: bra and panties.

"The Bridge"

episode: "The Unguarded Moment"

Shealyn Angus: wearing only shirt after getting raped



Katrina Law in this week's Spartacus



Film Clips

The rest of the clips of Dutch actresses posted in Usenet this week.