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You can find links to the Kim Kardashian sex tape on Other Crap, if you really want it. I decided not to host it locally for two reasons: (1) there are a lot of lawyers fighting over this on both sides (2) this thing is the worst sex tape ever. It must be the only sex tape with no female nudity. Oh, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. There are some shots of her crotch, but very fleeting, hand usually in the way. She keeps her bra on all the time. You will see her bum from time to time, but the most of the time the sex acts are shot so that Ray J's dick is basically the whole show. Yawn



Don't miss Vejiita's section today. Perfume came and went without much notice in the USA, but it's Tom Tykwer's latest.  He's one of my favorite director/writer/composers, Germany's reigning Wunderkind. (Actually, he's 42 years old, although he still looks like a kid.) I really like "Run Lola Run" and "The Princess and the Warrior," but don't know much about Perfume, although it's rated 7.4 at IMDb, and earned a few minor award nominations. (Not very good by Tykwer's standards. Lola won lots and lots of nominations, including a Bafta nomination for Tykwer)

So, a 7.4 movie from a top director and a ton of naked flesh. Plus appearances from Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman ... I'll definitely grab a DVD as soon as one is available! Bravo to Vejiita for being the first to get this one out.


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Fancy Lady

Fancy Lady (1971) is a Nick Philips softcore featuring Uschi Digard. It is one part of a Seduction Cinema effort called The Buxom Bombshell Collection. In this one, Uschi is a magazine reporter from Denmark, here to compare the sex scene in San Francisco with the red light district in Copenhagen. There are basically three acts, girl-girl, guy-girl, and Uschi solo.

  • Her first stop is a North Beach grind house where she watches a lesbian film likely shot in the bushes in Golden Gate park. Lynn Harris and an unknown show everything in a typical soft-core lesbian groping that, like much of Nick Philips' work, goes on way too long.
  • Then it is off for a little shopping, and the required cable car ride. Then she is to interview a couple who recently visited Copenhagen. When she arrives, their apartment door is open, and they are getting it on on a waterbed. Uschi again plays voyeur. It is here that we meet the real star of the film, a calico cat, who must have had serious show business aspirations, and constantly upstaged the humans in the scene. 
  • This turns Uschi on so much she has to go back to her apartment and hump a black patent leather shoe.

The video quality could be much better, and the sex scenes are far too long, but it is a must-have for Uschi fans, and gets some points for nostalgia as well. This is a C, assuming that Uschi's films are their own genre.

IMDb readers have not discovered this one yet.



Uschi Digard



Lynn Harris


Unknown 1


Unknown 2










The Betsy

The Time Machine is all the way back to 1978 for a trio of lovelies ...


Katharine Ross just shows the top of a breast at feeding time.

Lesley-Anne Down with some T & A.

Kathleen Beller is the star of the show with some full frontal action.









Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

At birth, Grenouille (Ben Whishaw), the son of an eighteenth century Parisian fish-monger, is squeezed out onto a pile of rotting fish, behind his mother's putrid market stall, almost as a matter of inconvenience. He's sent straight to a workhouse, where he's picked on by the older boys and sold to a leather tradesman as slave labor at the earliest opportunity.

From the moment his nose first landed in that mush of decaying fish carcasses, he developed a keen sense of smell, able to detect distant beauty through the aromas that would cause severe nausea in anyone else. While delivering some leather samples, he smells unmatched beauty, a perfect young woman. In a moment of panic, while admiring her smell, he kills her. Try as he might, he can't find a way of preserving her smell. This then becomes his one and only goal in life, how to collect and preserve the smell of beauty.

After an apprenticeship with one of Paris's top perfumiers (Dustin Hoffman), he heads to the heart of the French perfume industry, where he hones his skills. But it doesn't escape the notice of the locals that one by one, all the beautiful women in the town are being found dead, in horrific circumstances.



Anna and Laura Gelman



Cristina Sola



Jessica Schwarz



Karoline Herfurth



Rachel Hurd-Wood



Sara Forestier











Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 11

Season 2, Eps 10-12

Gigi Edgley, S2, Ep 10

Tina Bursill, E2, Ep 11


Tina Bursill, E2, Ep 12

Claudia Black and Gigi Edgley, S2, Ep 10







Two actresses doping mostly episodic TV work these days:
Beth Broderick in a book called Hollywood Splash
Jodi Lynn O'Keefe in a see-through top.
Here's an actress with no shortage of employment opportunities. A sexy outtake from Scarlett Johansson's Esquire shoot.






Pat's comments in yellow...

Sweden's Folkbladet news reports that a teenager in Norrkoping is accused of taking a friend's dog into the friend's bathroom and sexually assaulting it.  The friend said he heard the dog howl, opened the door and saw his friend having sex with his dog.  The friend just kept on, and the dog owner was afraid to stop him because his friend was bigger and stronger than him.  The dog was described as a mongrel bitch.  Police might charge him with animal cruelty, but in Sweden, there's no specific law against having sex with a dog.

*  That's nothing: in Denmark, it's an official spectator sport. 

German animal rights activists sparked outrage by demanding that an adorable baby polar bear at a zoo be killed because it's dependent on humans, and death would be preferable to living among humans.

* To make the animal lovers happy, a fur trader offered to club it to death.