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"Breaking Bad"

s1e1, 1920x1080

Linda Speciale



Some nice breasts on show in Chloe by Amanda Seyfried

and Julianne Moore.

 Nina Dobrev is down to her underwear.

13 Cameras

2016, 1080hd

Johnny's comments

13 Cameras (also called Slumlord, which I prefer) is another "cameras all over the house" stalker thriller where a landlord Gerald (Neville Archambault) rents out a house where he's installed numerous (13?) cameras around the house for his own pleasure. He rents it to young couple Claire and Ryan (Brianne Moncrief and PJ McCabe), who are expecting a child soon and both are repulsed by Gerald, who smells bad and is just genuinely creepy. Claire and Ryan settle into the house with Gerald watching on and occasionally going back to the house while they are away to put cameras in better places (particularly in the shower...) and giving their dog fast food which goes right through it. Not too mention other disgusting things. Also, Ryan is cheating on Claire with Hannah (Sarah Baldwin), a co-worker and Gerald takes a liking to Hannah. She is a bit clingy, calling late at night and introducing herself to Claire, so Ryan decides to dump her, but Hannah helps herself to their house while Claire and Ryan are out and Gerald makes his move, locking Hannah up in an off-limits basement in the house. Claire and Ryan's relationship deteriorates quickly, then Claire finds out about Hannah and kicks him out. Hannah is beginning to cause a problem for Gerald and what happens next will not end well for the lot of them.

OK thriller that is helped by having one of the most disgusting and sleaziest looking actor ever playing Gerald the stalker, who's quite good. But it has a major issue regarding Hannah being locked up in a same house and neither Claire or Ryan ever know about this until a major late development. It just doesn't seem believable but it neatly sets up the ending, so I s'pose that's all that matters.

Sarah Baldwin film clips (collage below)

Brienne Moncrief film clip (sample below)


2016, 1080hd

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Intruder in a stalker thriller where Elizabeth (Louise Linton), a cellist, is stuck in her apartment during a wild storm, waiting for her boyfriend to come home and she's looking after her friend's cat. But, she isn't alone and someone is watching her from inside her apartment. She meets John (John Robinson) and becomes friendly with him and then her boyfriend arrives and she plays catch-up with him, which drives the stalker mad and he kills him and then steps up his 'contact' with Elizabeth. Who is the stalker and what does he want with Elizabeth?

Ordinary stalker thriller where the plot shows its hand early and then decides to string us along with no real motive for the stalking or anything that follows.

Louise Linton film clips (collages below)

Dewi Reijs and Lize Feryn in A Real Vermeer (2016) in 1080hd



Chantal Jantzen in De Dominee (2004) in 1080hd

The women of House of the Spirits (1993)

Maria Conchita Alonso

Sarita Choudhury

Meryl Streep's body double

(Note: a body double for Meryl Streep's nude scene has never been officially admitted, but I think it is a safe assumption that La Streep didn't do an open coochie shot. But we can always dream.)

The women of Colors (1988)

Maria Conchita Alonso

Ara Thorpe