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Scary Movie


Today is an all "Hankster Light" day ( no nudity ).

From "Scary Movie" Shannon Elizabeth looked delicious with some impressive cleavage. Caps with an HD clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land The Fox Business channel's "Happy Hour" features Rebecca ( go-go ) Diamond and talk about cleavage, pretty wild for a newsbabe. Pretty nice slit skirt too. Caps with a HD clip.




The Mask of Zorro


Catherine Zeta-Jones: 1920x800 film clip (samples below)







Lesley Ann Brandt

Erin Cummings

Lucy Lawless



The Love Boat

This concludes Series 2 of The Love Boat.

Episode 16 Gopher's Opportunity

Elaine Joyce - pokies

Unknown - lovely swimwear

Episode 16 The Switch

Melinda Naud - sexy cleavage

Episode 17

Lauren Tewes - pokies

Episode 18 Disco Baby

Lisa Hartman - sexy pokies

Episode 19 Ticket to Ride

Kim Darby - a bit of cleavage

Episode 20 Best of Friends

Carol Lynley - pokies

Donna Pescow - sexy

Episode 22 Poor Little Rich Girl

Maren Jensen - lovely cleavage

Episode 22 The Decision

Debbie Allen - sexy

Episode 25 Cyrano de Bricker

Jill St John - cleavage

Episode 26 April's Return

Charo - cleavage




Belinda Balaski in The Howling

Here's Pamela Sue Martin's notorious picture spread from Cheri in the late 70s. The magazine published these pics in 1978, while she was still playing Nancy Drew. (They were taken earlier.) She also posed for Playboy the same year, and appeared in the July 1978 issue of Hef's mag.

Here are some collages for film clips we've already seen:

Elizabeta Boyarskaya in Ya Vernus

Yulia Peresild in Ya Vernus

Yulia Peresild in Captive

Yulia Peresild in Once Upon a Time in the Provinces


Film Clips

Catherine McCormack in two films: 28 Weeks Later and Shadow of the Vampire

Monica Bellucci in Two Films: L'Appartement and Io e Napoleone

Manuela Arcuri in Juana La Loca

Annabelle Apsion in Shameless

Emily Linstrom in Flick's Chicks

Soleine Talis in Au Bonheur Des Hommes (sample below)

and Noemie De Lattre in Au Bonheur Des Hommes (sample below)

Labina Mitevska in 9:06 (sample below)

HD clips of: Halle Berry in Things We Lost in the Fire (samples below)

The women of Decoys: The Second Seduction

There were about a gazillion clips, mostly short ones of mediocre quality, of Dutch actresses posted in Usenet this week. I picked them all up because - well, why not? There were so many that I haven't even looked at them all, but I figured you'd want 'em anyway because we haven't seen some of these before. Here's the first batch: