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Flesh For The Beast



Part 2

Ruby Larocca


Always From Darkness


Brainscan's notes:

Violetta Storms in Always From Darkness carries a couple of lessons worth knowing: 1) If you take women who have intentions to do this acting thing all serious-like and pay them almost nothing, they will not take off their clothes on camera.  Always From Darkness has several very nice looking women who might sorta act okay someday if they manage to stay in the business but none of them gets anywhere near to being naked.  A woman who is very used to getting all sorts of naked - that would be Violetta Storms -  does take off her top for a while, in a part listed as Vampire Succubus.  And I know what you're thinking.  She's a vampire.  Of course she's going to succubus on someone.  Duh.  A quick search of the web indicates Violetta is a woman who has stripped in front of most cameras manufactured or sold in North America.  So that's the first thing: you pay next to nothing and gals who think of themselves as legitimate actresses will stay clothed so you have to rely on a professional clothing-removal specialist; 2) Making movies must be difficult.  Or, at least, making good movies must difficult.  They must be difficult to write and difficult to shoot and difficult to edit.  Must be, because if all that were easy, movies as downright shitty as Always From Darkness would not be made, by anyone, ever, for any reason.  One scene of some 20 minutes length sums it all up.  In it, a group of people sit around a table lit only with candles and talk about nonsense in a way that makes it oh so painfully obvious they knew the camera was running.  And since they just sit there, in the dark, flapping their gums, the director or the director of photography or perhaps one of their mom's cousin's best friend's neighbor from Waycross, Georgia keeps moving the camera round and round the table, because that was all the action written into the script.  So let's summarize: dialogue sucks, actors suck, photography sucks, editing sucks, directing sucks and it blows at the same time.  I have seen many a bad movie in my days, searching as I do for Funhouse-worthy material; this one is not the worst.  Really.  Which leads me to conclude, making good movies must be really, really difficult. 


Johnny's notes:

The Canal


A couple of quick updates today, one from the fairly decent Irish horror movie, The Canal, about a man who thinks the ghosts of his old house are behind the murder of his unfaithful wife and now they're after the rest of the family. Has a surprisingly shocking ending that's hard to shake. 

Hannah Hoekstra 1080hd film clip (collage below)

Irvine Walsh's Ecstasy


Ecstasy from Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh is a Scottish/Canadian drama, which is a baffling combination, where a drug dealer/smuggler finds love with a Canadian girl (Kristin Kreuk) and decides to change his life for her. Didn't really like this movie, found the lead character to be a real prick and couldn't have cared less that he was turning his life around. Plus a lot of it felt heavy-handed, especially the pill popper falls for anti-drug worker who actually takes drugs, heh heh, that's profound! Some nice nudity from Olivia Andrup, but forget it, go watch Trainspotting instead.

Olivia Andrup 1080hd film clip (sample below)

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Annabelle Wallis shows a sexy rear in Sword of Vengeance (2015) in 1080hd

Lilith Stangenberg in Rosa Roth: Das Maedchen aus Sumy (2009) in 720p

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Hollywood pin-ups. All but one of these are new to my eyes.

Angie Harmon

Gina Gershon

Kate Hudson

Michelle Trachtenberg. Haven't seen much of her in the past two years.

Rebecca de Mornay