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Last Tango in Paris


Maria Schneider: many film clips.

Collages below:







Virgin Witch


Today we have part 2 of "Virgin Witch": more breasts from Ann Michelle in caps and 2 clips. Then it's sister Vicki's turn and she does full frontal for us getting out of the bathtub. Caps and a clip.

Here are all three clips.

Anne Michelle collages:


Vicki Michelle collages:


TV Land

Over to TV Land for Heidi Montag from "The Hills" visiting Jay Leno. She has nice legs. Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

The Bride


A very young Jennifer Beals. This was her next effort after Flashdance.

Despite the popularity of Flashdance, her career stagnated. I don't recall why.




Kate Mara








The women from The Broken: Lena Headey and Michelle Duncan

"Skins," season 3, episode 7. Megan Prescott and Kaya Scodelario

Lyne Renee in The Box Collector.




Lady Gaga falls out of her top at an autograph sighting. I always thought he/she was a tranny. I suppose that still could be, given the miracles of modern science.

Film Clips

Is "The Tudors" into season Three already? Here's Charlotte Salt in episode one of the new season. She is a beauty.

Jaqueline Poggel doing full frontal and rear nudity in an episode of Polizeiruf 110. Ya gotta love German TV.

Mary-Louise Parker showing it all in Angels in America

The women of Winged Creatures: Embeth Davitz. (Sample right)

The women of Winged Creatures: Kate Beckinsale. OK, she's not nekkid, but she's Kate Fucking Beckinsale. (Sample right)

The women of Winged Creatures: someone else. (Sample right)