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La Petite Jerusalem

La Petite Jerusalem (2005) is a French film about life in an orthodox Jewish suburb of Paris. The story focuses on two sisters. One of them is a philosophy student who is trying to live as an intellectual by curbing her physical desires. Her older sister is a very devout wife and mother of three. Both end up in a crisis centered around the conflict between sex and orthodox law.

Elsa Zylberstein, as the older sister Mathilde, discovers that her husband has been cheating on her. He freely admits it, but claims he did it out of respect for her, so he could take care of desires that his wife had no interest in. Let's pause briefly here for a short culture lesson. Before marriage, after childbirth, and 7 days after the end of her period, an orthodox woman must submerse herself in a cleansing pool of water called a Mikveh, to purify herself for sexual relations with her husband. In fact, an orthodox community is required to build a Mikveh even before a synagogue. The Mikveh is probably the origin of Christian baptism. When Mathilde visits the Mikvah, the woman attendant, who is also an expert on religious law, informs her that she can actually touch her husband's privates, and give and receive pleasure in many different ways, as long as they lead up to intercourse.

The younger sister is not as fortunate. Fanny Valette, as the young Laura, begins to fall in love with an Arab she meets in her job of custodian in a school. Nothing in her family situation, or in the Arab's family situation, will even consider the two being together.

When the synagogue is burned, and Mathilde's husband is beaten while trying to coach a soccer game, he decides that the family will immigrate to Israel. Laura will stay behind.

While I usually like cross-cultural films, this one moved too slowly for my taste, presenting too much detail of both philosophy and religious law. The human side is no better. Both female leads seem cool and detached, so it's difficult to care about their problems.

This is a C-.

  • Critics were lukewarm, with an average score of two and a half stars. (63 Metacritic)
  • IMDb readers are somewhat more enthusiastic and score it a respectable 6.8.
  • This is a Region 0 PAL, in combined French, Hebrew and Arabic, with burned-in English subtitles. DVD order info here, or click on the picture below.


La Petite Jerusalem DVD aka Little Jerusalem (2005)

Elsa Zylberstein shows clear breasts and buns, and bush under water.


Fanny Valette shows breasts.










The Longest Yard

A double-header today some leftovers from yesterday's Lifespan with Tina Aumont in some non-bondage caps.

And Melissa ("Sabrina") Joan Hart with some tease in an open shirt in Rent Control








Painkiller Jane


After an army unit is exposed to a biochemical weapon, everyone is killed except one young woman (Emmanuelle Vaugier). She not only recovers from the exposure but has developed the ability to recover from any type of injury within days. After discovering that the army is not trying to help cure her, but rather is experimenting on her to develop a serum to be used on other soldiers, she escapes. Obviously the army wants to hunt her down and get her back under their security


Emmanuelle Vaugier (no nudity)








Blood Trails

What makes this 2006 horror/thriller good is not so much the story, which is not unique, but the acting and execution of the movie, which is very good. The result is a tense thriller that builds to the end like a wave.

Rebecca R. Palmer, very good in this part, plays Anne, a bike messenger in the city. While working one night, she is confronted by a guy on a bike claiming to be a cop. She winds up having a one-night stand with the guy, only to flee when his lovemaking turns violent.

Days later, she and her boyfriend go off to the mountains for some mountain biking, only to be accosted by the one-night stand guy. People start to die, and Anne winds up running for her life.

As predictable as it all sounds, they made this into a very good thriller, which doesn't end the way you'd expect.

Rebecca R Palmer







Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 9

Season 2, Ep 4-7

Gigi Edgley, S2, Ep 4

Gigi Edgley and Virginia Hey, S2, Ep 4

Claudia Black, S2, Ep 5

Gigi Edgley, S2, Ep 6

Gigi Edgley, S2, Ep 7






Catch o' the Day steals the show today. First and foremost, Scarlett Johansson's breast.(Film clip)

Then we have Elsa Pataky's breasts and buns
Then we have Jaimee Foxworth(y)'s everything. 

She played the youngest child on Family Matters. Her nom de porn was "Crave." The pictures are from the timeless screen romance, More Black Dirty Debutantes 30. Like The Empire Strikes Back, this is a rare exception to the sequel rule, as it is generally considered superior to More Black Dirty Debutantes 29. There are some who say it is even up there with the legendary original Black Dirty Debutantes, which is rated 4.9 at IMDb. No, really, I looked it up! (Film clip)

How about Rena Riffel (Showgirls) pulling the ol' "unshaved Britney"

And then there's Katherine Heigl's bum
And Mary Carey's breasts
And Mena Suvari clothed, but what a sweet bum!
And the usual daily Lohan picture

Spanish Speakers

Ana Claudia Talancon (Fast Food Nation) in The Crime of Father Amaro