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Grace Park on Hawaii 5-0 (s6e16).

There is no nudity on Hawaii 5-0, but she looks pretty great in her undies.

She turned 42 last week, but she looks so much younger!


Question: have any of you guys watched season two of Bosch yet? (It's an Amazon original.) If so, is there anything that needs to be captured? There was some nudity in season one, and I have Amazon Prime, but I don't want to commit the time if there's nothing to see.

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The Danish Girl




Juno Temple

Olivia Wilde


The Editor


Johnny's comments:

The Editor is a giallo thriller parody about film editor Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks) who has wooden fingers on one hand after an accident. He is working on the latest 'masterpiece' from the 'great' director Francesco Mancini (Kevin Anderson) alongside a junior editor Bella (Samantha Hill). When the movie's star Claudio (Brett Donahue) and his co-star lover Veronica (Tristan Risk) are brutally murdered on set and are found by Margarit (Sheila Campbell), she suffers hysterical blindness and her husband, the detective Peter Porfiry (Matthew Kennedy), is called in to solve the case. Rey looks the likely suspect and when the bodies pile up with their fingers chopped off, it's looking more and more likely to be him. He is getting no support from his wife, washed-up actress Josephine Jardin (Paz de la Huerta), who hates Rey and will do anything to get back to her former glory or just spite Rey, particularly after being fired from the movie. With the detective closing in, the new star Cal Konitz (Conor Sweeney) is vengeful at been cut out of the movie. Can Rey survive long enough to find out who the real killer is?

Silly but pretty fun movie playing off numerous giallo clich├ęs and the B-movie aesthetic in general. So it's dubbed soundtracks, plenty of naked women, bizarre pieces of acting, extreme violence with poorly done violent special effects, cheesy killers, a 70s sensibility and an overbearing score. Everyone seems to be in on the joke too, probably none more than Paz de la Huerta, who's perfectly cast and Rey's unstable wife, but the makers of the movie who are also the stars, are also having a blast. While it is in no way a great movie and if you're not in the mood for a silly movie, you'll hate it, but The Editor is a fun time in 1080hd!

Tristan Risk film clips (samples below)

Sheila Campbell film clips (samples below)

Jasmine Mae film clips (samples below)

Paz de la Huerta film clips (collages below)

various women in film clips (samples below)

 Movie/TV Clips

Caroline Dhavernas in The Forbidden Room (2015). I feel sad that Caroline has to do crap like this to make a living while the Kardashians get rich, but I'm thrilled to see her get naked again.

Alexis Kendra, Elizabeth Sandy and Monda Scott in Goddess of Love (2015) in 720p





  Some slightly better (but still LQ) versions of Rihanna in the thong and diaphanous top

Two "cam" shots of Melissa Rauch's body double in The Bronze

Rosamund Pike onstage naked. We ran this years ago, but now we all know who she is.

Chrissy Teigen

Elsa Hosk, from her self-published Polaroids

More of La Daddario on the set of Baywatch