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Bad Biology



part 2

This one will last close to a week. It's your standard 80s-style B movie with wall-to-wall nudity, except that the 80s didn't have any technology that allowed for the distribution of 1920x1080 film clips.

Today: some of the minor players:

Jelena Jensen

Alicia Hastings

Rachel Robbins



Johnny's comments:

Flirting, the follow-up to The Year My Voice Broke continues to follow Danny (Noah Taylor) as he now goes to a boarding school with his former friends either dead or gone away. Bullied by his classmates, given the cane by his superiors, Danny just gets by, but one day at a school rugby game where he is typically ignoring it, he meets 3 girls from the girl's school across the lake, including Thandiwe (Thandie Newton), who is from Uganda and is boarding for the year. Both are intrigued by one another and attempt to go to the dance together, only for that to be thwarted by the headmaster. But Thandiwe is persistent and Danny is carefree and they find a way to meet. So, they become the talk of their classes thanks to 'steamy' letters and various incidents including Danny stupidly fighting the school boxing champ for her honour. All this comes to a head when Thandiwe is to leave the school, but not before one last fling without the knowledge of their superiors.

Fairly decent follow-up of one of my favourite Australian films ever, Danny still has his head in the clouds and Noah Taylor plays him to perfection again. Thandie Newton, in her first film role is also a good match and Nicole Kidman is also good in what is pretty much a supporting role and may also be one of her first roles without the curly hair and possibly her first as a blonde. This was the first time I'd actually seen this movie as it's never been released on DVD here (this is capped from the British DVD) and it's sadly being forgotten here as it's a great companion piece to The Year My Voice Broke and has a few well known actors in it including those mentioned and also Naomi Watts (who looks really young here). Definitely should be given more love here...

As I said above, this was the first time I'd ever seen this movie as it's not available in Australia on DVD. Funnily enough, I can remember the TV/VHS ads for Flirting as if they aired yesterday including the song that is playing during it. The trailer must have been on every VHS at the time. Strange the things you remember...

Thandie Newton film clip

  (collages below)

Thandie Newton, Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman together about a quarter of a century ago

(No nudity, but lots of underwear. A fascinating prelude to their long and distinguished careers)


TV/Film Clips

Another weird-ass cam clip of Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin (different scene this time)

Ebru Caparti in How Much Rain to Make a Rainbow (an obscure 23-minute short from earlier this year) in 720p.

Some epic nudity from Sara Forestier in Love Battles (2013) in 720p

A VHS clip of Chase Masterson in Digital Man (1995). It's a good scene, but the clip is total crap from an old VHS tape. I have never seen a decent clip of this scene. Many lesser films from the era just immediately preceding the DVD age have never found their way to DVD, presumably because there's no way to forecast a profit from the effort, and because there are bigger and better fish to fry.