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All the Right Moves


Scoop's noyes:

1983 was the year Tom Cruise became a star. Before that: relative obscurity. That year: FOUR major parts in movies we still remember: All the Right Moves, Losin' It, Risky Business, The Outsiders. Xenu must have been smiling on him.

Actually you may not remember Losin' It, a teen road trip comedy. I have sort of a personal connection to that film. A friend and colleague of mine, whom I have not seen for many years, claims that the screenplay for that film was ripped off almost verbatim from a screenplay he wrote and circulated some years earlier under the name Tequila Sunrise, a title which had not been used at that point. I never studied the matter systematically, but from what I saw, his claim may have had some merit.

SIDEBAR: One of the stars of that Losin' It movie was Jackie Earle Haley, the guy who played Rorschach in Watchmen. If you aren't familiar with his story, he disappeared from the biz in 1993 and re-emerged in 2006 with an amazing comeback - an Oscar nomination in Little Children. In between he was delivering pizzas, driving limos --- making a living beside the rest of us.

Lea Thompson film clip. No HD today, but it's one of the great highlights of screen nudity history.

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Scoop's notes: I misplaced Hank's comments, so I paraphrased from memory. It's in the ballpark.

Virgin Witch


Vicki Michelle and her sister Ann spiced up this drive-in classic. Caps and three clips of Ann


TV Land

Amy Robach on Today.

Debra Messing visits Jay Leno. With an HD clip







Notes and collages


Diane Lane


Footage actually filmed in 2005 and January, 2007.










Angela Lindvall. Outtakes from her nude spread in Purple.

Kate Moss exposing a nipple. She can't compare with Bai Ling in terms of nipple volume, but she may have the edge in bare nipple frequency.

Film Clips