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Daily Box Office - Friday, March 17, 2006

  • V for Vendetta did take the top spot, but its grosses were softer than anticipated

The trailer for La Mujer de Mi Hermano

  • "After almost ten years of marriage, the stunningly attractive Zo� realizes that her marriage to Ignacio no longer carries the passion and spark it once had. Emotionally adrift, she is left to search for those sensations once again, and soon finds herself seduced into the arms of Gonzalo, her husband's brother. At first, Zoe becomes reinvigorated by the romance. But her decision soon launches a series of events that drives these three people through a gauntlet of revenge, secret and despair that will unravel them all."

The High-Def trailers for Trust The Man

  • A smart, sophisticated comedy about the challenges of love and marriage among modern day New Yorkers, "Trust the Man" features the romantic escapades of two couples: a successful actress (Julianne Moore) and her stay at home husband (David Duchovny); and her slacker younger brother (Billy Crudup) and his aspiring novelist girlfriend Maggie Gyllenhaal). The film follows these four on their pointed, often surprising and frequently hilarious search for love in the midst of careers, family, infidelity and the ever-daunting search for Manhattan street parking.

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

  • The Thing is Jewish?

Jennifer Connelly nude sex scenes compilation Video

62-Year-Old Grandmother Tackles Robbery Suspect

Aussie government orders spoof site shut

  • "A spoof John Howard website that featured a soul searching 'apology' speech for the Iraq war has been shut down under orders from the Australian Government."

Google wins a court battle

  • "In a legal win for Google, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a writer who claimed the search giant infringed on his copyright by archiving a Usenet posting of his and providing excerpts from his Web site in search results."

"South Park Creators Respond To Episode-Disappearing Scientologists"


Movie Reviews:

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"Going Steady"

Going Steady (1979) is the middle film in a Golan Globus teen love trilogy, all made in Israel, and all directed by Boaz Davidson. The three main characters from Going All the Way are back. The series continued with Shifshuf Naim. They are also known as "Lemon Popsicle 1, 2 and 3." This one is about three High School friends and their trials and tribulations with life, and especially with girls. These lives are not so different than what I experienced in the same era in Southern California. Evidently, both an English and an Israeli version were made.

As the film opens, the three friends are cruising the boulevard and listening to the radio much like the start of dozens of other movies. They pick up three "motorcycle chicks" and take them to the beach, hoping to get them to skinny dip. The boyfriends show up, and take of with both the girls and the boy's clothes.

Then Benji meets Tammy, and he is hooked. The film lovingly chronicles teen courtship. It works for several reasons. In structure, it is the standard Hollywood Boy Meets Girl plot line, which is neither good nor bad. Yvonne Michaels as Tammy is completely irresistible. Benji is something of a character, adding more than a little humor to the role. A scene where he eats raw vegetables in the library to get her attention is hilarious. There is also a nerdish girl with glasses who dates Benji's fat friend just to be near Benji, and who is not above moving in for the kill when Benji and Tammy have a spat, thus adding a bit of realism, showing that not everyone in High School gets the person of their dreams.

The sound track is a hit parade of late 50s and early 60s songs, Including:

Yakkity Yak
Splish Splash
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Because I Love You
Kisses, Sweeter than Wine
Save the Last Dance for Me
Only You
To Know Him is to Love Him
Theme from a Summer Place
Pretty Darlin'
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
I'm Sorry
Just the Beat of My Heart
Lets Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer
End of the World
My Little One
Bebop A Lula
Stranger on the Shore
High School Confidential
Tell Laura I Love Her

Those who remember the era will remember most, if not all of the music. For the rest, this is what we listened to before the Beatles.

Yvonne Michaels shows a breast with no head, but it is her, and is seen nude from the side with not much exposed. Rachel Steiner as the nerdish girl shows breasts.

IMDb readers say 4.3. This film has a lot of heart, and is just unique enough to ad cultural interest to a believable teen story. Add a great soundtrack, and this adds up to a C+, as a worthwhile teen romantic comedy.

Rachel Steiner

Yvonne Michaels


Today a short trip back to 1995 for the controversial "Showgirls", this was a movie that was either loved or hated. But there is no disputing that it had more than it's share of nudity.

It starred former "Saved by the Bell" star Elizabeth Berkley who shed her squeaky clean image and bared all for the cameras. She probably shot a hole in her career too.

Elizabeth Berkley

'Caps and comments by Spaz:

"Bram Stoker's Shadow Builder" (1998)
One-timer Tara Crooks shows breasts and buns in striptease, stuntbutt Cindy Fidler aka C.J. Fidler does the streak, and an uncredited woman is full frontal on a slab.

Tara Crooks Cindy Fidler uncredited woman

"Bad Moon" (1996)
In this werewolf horror Johanna Lebovitz shows boob and butt in sex scene and is then promptly eaten.

Johanna Lebovitz

"Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story" (2006)
Recently aired miniseries on CBC. Newcomer Kim Ehman is shown in brassiere.

Kim Ehman

From season II: episode "Dead Flowers". Carmen Moore shows her boob and nipple for the first time, Chelah Horsdal shows partial breast, and Rosette Sharma shows some nice cleavage.

Carmen Moore Chelah Horsdal Rosette Sharma

"Moccasin Flats"
From season III: episode "Whose team are you on?". Andrea Menard has a nude lesbian scene with Rachelle Arbez and Sarah Podemski finally doffs her shirt and shows her bare back.

Andrea Menard and Rachelle Arbez Sarah Podemski

"First Wave"
From episode "Elixir". This episode shows that this series had some nude scenes removed in syndication (most likely only shown uncut in europe). Christine Wach does a fully clothed striptease and Johanna Lebovitz has a bottomless sex scene with her lower extremities fuzzed out.

Christine Wach Johanna Lebovitz

From season II. Louise Wischermann has a lesbian scene with Lauren Abrahams in episode Twilight while Ellen Dubin shows alot of cleavage in episode Patches in the Sky.

Louise Wischermann Ellen Dubin

"Street Legal"
From episode "Do the Right Thing". Venus Terzo has a lesbian kiss with Maria Del Mar in this 1994 episode. Tame by today's standards but this is the first type of kiss on Canadian network television.

Venus Terzo

"At the Hotel"
In last weeks's episode, Natalie Lisinska is shown in a wet bathing suit and Robin Brule in a brassiere.

Natalie Lisinska Robin Brule

"Da Vinci's Inquest"
From episode: "The Most Dangerous Time". Michelle Wright is sexy but dead.

Michelle Wright

"Sabotage" (1996)
Mandy Schaffer is sexy but dead.

Mandy Schaffer

"Jeff Ltd."
In this CTV comedy tv series, Inga Cadranel shows alot of cleavage in the opening credits while Eva Simon shows some pokies, cleavage and thong.

Eva Simon Inga Cadranel

"Playing House" (2006)
Preview for a televison movie to air on CTV in Canada next Friday which looks awfully like a pilot for Desperate Housewives-type tv series. Joanne Kelly shows alot of cleavage.

Joanna Kelly

'Caps and comments by Oz:

Hoffman (1969) is a British film with Peter Sellers acting very well in a serious role. No visible nudity but Sinead Cusack comes close.

Sinead Cusack

Staying in the British Isles, we have Intermission (2003). Kelly MacDonald is shown getting undressed, but no nudity.

Kelly MacDonald

"Our Tropical Island"
Still in Europe, we have Our Tropical Island (2001) aka Mari del sud. No visible nudity but Victoria Abril, Chiari Sani and Giulia Steigerwalt are shown in various states of undress.

Victoria Abril Chiari Sani Giulia Steigerwalt

"Shirley Valentine"
Down to the Greek islands, we have a mature, but naked, Pauline Collins in Shirley Valentine (1989).

Pauline Collins

Further south, we go to South Africa for Gold (1974). There's nipple exposure by Susannah York and a hint of areola by Paddy Norval.

Susannah York Paddy Norval

"Gorillas in the Mist"
Still in Africa, we have Gorillas in the Mist (1988), which stars Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey, the woman who did a lot for the conservation of gorillas before being murdered. There's only minor pokies.

Sigourney Weaver

"Don't Make Waves"
No visible nudity in Don't Make Waves (1967) but there are some sexy images of Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale and China Lee.

Sharon Tate China Lee Claudia Cardinale

From DeadRed, here is "Serenity" and "Firefly" babe Gina Torres baring a bit of bum in scenes from an episode of "The Shield".

Today the the Skin-man serves up Alison Eastwood showing a little breast exposure in a shower scene from "If You Only Knew" (2000).