Today's pictures were all scanned by mansn's crony, the mysterious and elusive Aussie, Fisho. (That's his last name. His first name is Hawaii. Actually, I found out from my extended time in Australia that in Oz it is common to have nicknames ending in -o. Thus in the United States, Robert becomes Bob, or sometimes Rob or Robbie, but in Australia quite often Robbo. Also, I noticed that Aussies love the ending -about. A hike is a walkabout. A lecture is a talkabout. As always, I carried this to an illogical extreme when I lived there, and referred to the golf course as the strokeabout, the men's room as the crapabout, the cemetary as the dieabout, etc. Luckily for me, almost all Aussies have a laid-back sense of humor. I suppose my Australian edition should be Scoopo's Talkabout.)
Dannii Minogue (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) first is a nude with some minimal exposure, third is a topless with the dreaded "hands on the breasts" cliche, last three are see-throughs. Number 2 is glam.
Toni Pearen (1, 2) both see-throughs
WhyScan's Page Three Report
Tuesday's girl is Jade, 25, from Colchester.

(1, 2, 3, 4)

Gold is Jilly Johnson, from 18 March, 1976

EXCLUSIVE: Arkie Whitely's topless scene in "The Last Musketeer", which will not be shown until next week. I'm lost on this one. The only Arkie Whiteley I could find in IMDb was a woman who made a single appearance, decades ago, in the classic TV series "The Prisoner".(1, 2, 3)

Virginie Ledoyen in a bikini top, advanced pokies. WhyScans reports that, for those of us who are French-impaired, her name is pronounced l'dwon. And only God knows how to pronounce her last name (Insert Rimshot)

Barbara Ann Moore in "Temptress"
Ana Padrao in "AuPair"
Ruth Collins in "Galactic Gigolo". PAL reports that this movie is a contender for worst-ever. Avoid!
El Kabong
Dina Marie (1, (2) Black Men magazine, all-swimsuit extra
Lisa (1, 2, 3) Black Men magazine, all-swimsuit extra
Heather Graham (1, 2, 3) the rest of her shots in the April Esquire. Some odd stuff. no nudity
Salma Hayek on the cover of Elle.
words and pictures fromMr Skin
"Here are some rarely seen clips. The first is Hedy Lamarr from the 1932 movie "Ecstasy". She is best known as Samson's better half in Cecil B. DeMille's 1949 movie "Samson and Delilah". Her nude scene in Ecstasy is generally regarded as the first instance of celebrity nudity in film. I also included two other historic moments in celebrity skin. The first is Claudette Colbert's milk bath scene in 1932's "Sign of the Cross". Pretty risqué for its time. The other one is Clara Bow from the classic silent film "Wings" (1927). You can definitely see her "flappers" if you watch closely."

Scoopy's note: these are all very short film clips in Real Video Format. At, you can find a basic free player, although you have to wade through a ton of lures that promote their upgraded (translation: "not free") models. Somewhere on the middle right of the page is the hyperlink for "Free Real Player 7"

Bow Bow Colbert Colbert Lamarr Lamarr Lamarr

Miss Kitty another look at the rasslin' babe's topless appearance at Armageddon
Maruschka Detmers (1, 2) in "Devil in the Flesh"
Nikki Cox (1, 2) TV upskirts
Thora Birch (1, 2) portraits, "The Making of American Beauty"
Xenia Seeberg (1, 2) topless, but no nipples, in LEXX
Heather Graham (1, 2, 3) the rest of her shots in the April Esquire. Some odd stuff. no nudity
Salma Hayek on the cover of Elle.
Monica Lundi in "Das go-go Girl ...", from MacHero
Karen Thaler in an episode of "Lutz and Hardy", from MacHero
Diane Lane in "Big Town", from GR
Kathleen Turner in "Body Heat", from GR
Amber Smith in "How to be a Player", from Rookie
Nicolette Sheridan in "Raw Nerve", from Rookie
Laetitia Casta modest nude from her eponymous book, scanned by Rookie
Faye Grant in "Internal Affairs", from Rookie
Francesca Annis he nude sleepwalking scene in Polanski's "MacBeth"
Farina Jansen in "Unser Charlie", from Celeblover
Eva Habermann in "Weissblaue Wintergeschichten", from Celeblover
Jaime Pressly in "Poison Ivy: the New Seduction", from Maelstrom's Eye
Holly McGuire in "Fully Exposed", from Bobdfish
Zeta-Jones in ""1001 Nights", from pappa
Julia in "Geld fuer dein Leben". Monster breasts on real-life German show.
Pamela Green in "Peeping Tom". Collage from Zononon Zor
hustler babe Tara from Kitscan
hustler babe Tara from Kitscan
Pamela Anderson rear nude in the new "Interview"
Manuela Acuri paparazzi shots

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"Introducing Dorothy Dandridge", from Tuna

This is quite good for a made-for-cable biopic. It's richly photographed, and features some good mudic and visual beauty of many kinds, not the least of which is the magnificent Halle Berry. It also features Data without his yellow eyes as her long-term manager and would-be lover.

Halle Berry (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13)

Stone Cold

A few more pics that SC sent me without commentary, so we'll have to wait to see if he's sleeping with Hillary Clinton yet.

Christina Hance, who once possessed 15 minutes of fame as a Princess Di lookalike Debbie Linden, Page Three party girl who came to a suicidal end Debbie Linden Gloria Trevi, one of the most famous of the Latin calendar girls, now an international fugitive. She and her boyfriend disappeared recently, a few steps ahead of the law. Gloria Trevi Mamie Vandoren. A couple more nudes of the sexy senior. Mamie Vandoren

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