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You'll never guess who took off her top on Girls Sunday night (s3e11)

OK, maybe you will.

Lena Dunham

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Bad Biology



This one will last close to a week. It's your standard 80s-style B movie with wall-to-wall nudity, except that the 80s didn't have any technology that allowed for the distribution of 1920x1080 film clips.

Today's clip features Vicky Wiese



Johnny's comments:

Being a while since I've gone to the VHS vault and I've been looking for this obscure title since I capped it off its one and only TV screening here around 2001.

Traps is a period drama set in 1950s Indochina where Michael (Robert Reynolds), an English journalist, has come to inspect a rubber plantation so that he can report back its success. Joined by his wife, Louise (Saskia Reeves), a photographer, they are tasked to stay at the house of the manager of the plantation Daniel (Sami Frey), a Frenchman who has lived in Indochina for a long while with his daughter Viola (Jacqueline McKenzie). But, all is not well wherever you look. Michael and Louise's marriage is fraying at the edges and they are barely holding it together. Viola desperately wants out of her home, first attempting to conjure a romance with their houseboy, Tuan (Kiet Lam), then becoming obsessed with wanting to follow Louise back to London. While Tuan is torn between being loyal to Daniel who gives him a good life and side with his people who are beginning an insurgency against their French keepers.

Directed by actress Pauline Chan (Vietnam, Bangkok Hilton) who also recently directed 33 Postcards, Traps is an interesting movie which mixes the political tension with the sexual and marriage tension that Michael and Louise are facing. It is a fairly good movie for the most part, but the ending isn't great, seemingly going too far in a certain direction without notice, causing what I feel to be an unsatisfactory ending. Apart from that, Traps is not a bad little movie.

As always with movies capped from VHS sources, the quality is not as good, but this series has come out better than most with the occasional audio glitch and the bottom of picture is a little askew, but the picture quality is good. Get the feeling this movie will never see DVD/Bluray, so this is possibly the best we'll get. It's just good to see again, particularly that Saskia Reeves massage scene.

Saskia Reeves film clip

Saskia Reeves and Jacqueline McKenzie film clip

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