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Road Trip


Pretty decent little youthploitation sex comedy. Hard to believe it's been almost ten years since it came out.

Tuna wrote: "It is a story of wacky college buddies who are in a crisis, trying to get from Ithaca to Austin in a weekend to fetch an erotic home video before the long term girlfriend of the male star of the video gets back to her dorm and sees it. It is really the oddball characters and the way they relate to each other that made the film for me. It is not a great film, but it is a very entertaining film. The film may not cure cancer, but it should get you laughing."

Scoop wrote: "Road Trip isn't a classic, but it has all the right ingredients for the genre, keeps the mood light, and is good, smutty fun with gross-outs and naked chicks. I enjoyed it.

Amy Smart film clip (1280x720), Collages below.

Bridgett Wise and Aerica D'Amaro: 1280x720 clip. Collages below.

Jaclyn DeSantis and Aliya Campbell: 1280x720 clip. Collages below.

One more collage of an unspecified actress showing off a good body with full-frontal exposure.







Der Lusterne Turke


It's a "Babe in Bondage" day as the Time Machine goes way back to see Ingrid Steeger, who had a long career and was not afraid to show it all, as she did in this fun flick. Caps and seven clips.







Notes and collages


Luisa Moritz










China Chow: ENORMOUS hi-def pics of those paparazzi shots from a while back

Bai Ling: the lingster poses topless for that one guy in rural Turkmenistan who has never seen her breasts.

Comedienne Anna Faris again shows off her delightful booty

Amy Ferguson in Weapons

Aris Mendoza in Weapons

Gilda Texter in Vanishing Point

Anna Hutchison in Underbelly, s2e7

Film Clips