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Confessions of a Call Girl 2


Confessions of a Call Girl 2 has the plot content of a hard core film, but the erotic content of a soft core. A man is given two strippers for his birthday by his wife. The two, Teanna Kai and Laurie Wallace, do a girl/girl in his lap, and then leave. His best friend is impressed, and tries to follow Laurie Wallace home, while Simone Price gives him his birthday fuck. The best friend goes home to service his abusive girlfriend, Alana Evans.

The next day, the best friend comes over and wants to get together with Wallace. He is told that she is a top hooker, and that he will have to become a bad boy musician to interest her. Step one has him meeting Teanna Kai, who immediately takes some random guy into Price's bedroom, masturbates, then fucks him. Next, Price's boyfriend does Alana Evans to rove how easy she is, and his best friend dumps her and hooks up with Laurie Wallace who, it turns out, was not a hooker at all.

The plot actually took less time to watch than it did to summarize. The rest is nudity and simulated sex.

Alana Evans, Teanna Kai, SImone Price and Laurie Wallace show everything, and manage to remain awake (barely) through the sex scenes. IMDb has not heard of this one. If you are a fan of one of the women, you will see a lot of her. Otherwise skip it.

Alana Evans 30

Teanna Kai 30


Simone Price 32

Laurie Wallace 27

Kai and Wallace 19










Vengeance of the Zombies


Another bad movie day with "Vengeance of the Zombies", written by Paul Naschy and (of course) starring Paul in multiple roles. A lousy plot and bad acting galore.

The only good parts are Aurora de Alba showing off her tits getting it on with her lover, but things don't end well. Caps and two clips.

Naschy exposes Mirta Miller's breasts. Caps and a clip.







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Salli Richardson












Anna (Georgina French) awakes while being dumped onto a street of a foreign city. Her mind hurts. She can't focus. She can't even talk at first. She has no memory of who she is or what happened to her. Morgan awakes face down in a canal of the same foreign city. He is fished out by a passerby, and also is in pain and without any memory. When they happen to meet on the streets, the two feel a strange connection, and a bond. What they don't realize is that their every move is being guided by ...

The movie definitely starts with a bang, but things get somewhat predictable as facts are revealed, and the ending, to me at least, lacked the punch of the first part of the movie. Although the ending doesn't live up to the beginning in this thriller with Sci-Fi overtones, it is still somewhat interesting and different.

Georgina French








Jennifer Aniston lookin' great in a bikini in Miami
Patricia Arquette barely keeps those gigantic things covered
Cameron Richardson in The Good Humor Man
Nicole Richie looking good.

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