Other Crap:

Promotional materials from the 60s and 70s, all touting the computers of that day.

Latino Review summarizes the Warner presentation at ShoWest

President Bush was right about the human-animal hybrids

Conan finds mysterious items under his desk

Snakes on a Plane ... official trailer

Tom Cruise Blackmails Viacom... - Hollywood, Interrupted

  • "Sources from inside Paramount and South Park Studios report that parent company Viacom pulled last night's scheduled repeat of the high-rated 'Trapped in the Closet' episode (of South Park) after the humorless Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise threatened to cancel all publicity for Mission Impossible:3 if Comedy Central aired the episode that satirizes Scientology and mocks his sexuality again."

Our long national nightmare is over. Ex-TopCat sentenced in Fla. lesbian cheerleader bar case

The trailer for Darkon, the documentary about the fantasy gamers who re-enact medieval warfare with virtual kingdoms at stake.

Quagmire Fakes His Own Death

Hollywood Is Calling - find out which celebs are hard-up enough to make paid phone calls (at $20 a pop)

"Michael Jackson has closed the house on his Neverland Ranch and laid off some of the employees there but has not completely shuttered the sprawling estate"

Kent State Basketball Team Massacred By Ohio National Guard In Repeat Of Classic 1970 Matchup

The Top 10 Women that Lesbians want to have sex with

Mexico 2, United States 1 ... Team USA is eliminated from World Baseball Classic

Jerry Lewis clowns his way to Legion of Honour

  • "France has capped off its fascination with comedian Jerry Lewis by inducting him into the Legion of Honour."
  • Check out the picture of Le Grand Jerry

RapidShare Video:Gina Torres shows her bum in The Shield, season 5, episode 10

RapidShare video: Ginnifer Goodwin in the premiere of Big Love

RapidShare Video: Chloe Sevigny in the premiere of Big Love

Rapidshare Video: Nudity from Alexandra Hedison on The L Word. Season 3 Episode 9

Letterman: "Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Drunk"

Peter Griffin on Wheel of Fortune

Will Sharon Stone Join Naked News? (Spoof)

"US House panel clears anti-Internet gambling bill." This would extend even to online poker sites.

2006 AVN Awards Show to Debut on Playboy TV (These are the Academy Awards for Adult Video)

Texas Hill Country: The next Napa?

  • Perfect wine country. Well, it would be perfect here if it weren't 110 degrees every day in summer, with overnight frosts in winter.

"A financial dispute may delay the scheduled April start of construction on the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center."

Gorgeous French anchorwoman caught by paparazzi on a topless beach

Trek Passions - 100% Free Sci Fi Dating

  • One wonders if this is for real

"Daytona Prostitutes Hunting Serial Killer"

  • Quick, get Robert Rodriguez on the line. Sin City 2 writes itself.

Forget the NCAA. Here's the only brackets that really count: Dance Team Bracket. Cheerleader Guy says the Miami Heat dance team is the hands-down champion.

Michael Rapaport movie role alert: Surveillance cameras catch thieves stealing surveillance cameras

  • Just to make it clear - the thieves were not caught by different cameras. They were caught by the tapes from the actual cameras they stole.

One of the best fake videos ever - Buffy has to itch when she's doing Hold Your Boobs magazine for SNL

Canadian baby boomers prefer television over sex



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




"Country Blue"

Country Blue (1973) is every bit a typical southern drive-in film, taking place in the rural south, with lots of poor folks, dirt track racing, corrupt law enforcement, and a whole bunch of car chases. As the film opens, Bobby Lee (Jack Conrad) has just been released from prison, and returned to get a job as a mechanic with Jumpy (Dub Taylor), his old boss, former outlaw, and father of his true love Ruthann (Rita George), who is unfortunately married. There is only one solution for all of this. Bobby Lee will rob a bank with Ruthann, and the two of them will escape in style to Mexico, where she can get a quickie divorce, and the two can live happily ever after.

The rob the bank, but get very little money, and manage to lose Jumpie's truck in the process. They are off to Mexico, when they read in the paper that the bank manager duped them out of most of the money in the bank. Bobby Lee has his principles, and won't have no damn bank manager laughing at him, so they return and rob the same bank. After that, things do not go well for the star-crossed lovers.

Rita George, better known for her appearances in 70s TV, showed her left breast in a love scene.

IMDb readers say 2.1. which is totally unwarranted. First, Dub Taylor is a staple of these films, and always worth watching, Second, Souther Drive-In movies are a genre unto themselves. While they did ok as second features to other exploitation genres in other areas, they played every drive-in in every small southern town, and always made money. This is no worse than others of the genre. I suppose it has a very limited audience today, which might explain the low score, but met all the genre requirements in the 70s. This is a C.

Rita George


Yesterday we had Bobbie Phillips in "The Hustle", today we have her in "Cheyenne" a western and once again she gives us a peek at her rather impressive boobs.

Bobbie Phillips

Today we also have Lana Antonova...aka Lana Novac. Here she is showing some breast exposure in "Hitman's Code" (aka "The Face of the Serpent").

Lana Antonova

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"American Pie Presents Band Camp"
OK, you figure: fourth in a series, only a couple of original cast members appear, stars are people you've never heard of, and worst of all, it's a direct-to-video release; no way this thing's going to be very good, or very funny. Well, it's not the original American Pie, to be sure, but in fact it is pretty good, and very funny.

After turning the graduation ceremonies into a shambles, Matt Stifler, chip-off-the-old-block younger brother of Pie's Steve Stifler, is sent to summer band camp as an alternative to being expelled. If he screws up there, he's toast next school year.

Faced with being labeled a "bandie", Matt decides to wire the camp with hidden video cameras to make a "Bandies Gone Wild" videotape. Not surprisingly, he finds plenty of material, until things take an unexpected turn.

This is a funny and well-done teen comedy that maintains at least the general crazy ambiance of the original. Arielle Kebbel, who I've never heard of before, is great as the up-tight drum major, and cute as a bug's ear.

Angela Little Tara Killian & Jennifer Walcott Arielle Kebbel Crystle Lightning

Here are some excellent high quality 'caps of Carla Gugino baring breasts and a bit of bum in scenes from "Sin City".

From LC, "the 'capper from the future". Here is Russian babe Irina Rakhmanova baring all 3 B's in scenes from "The 9th Company".

One more from LC, here is Spanish born beauty María Valverde, topless in scenes from the 2005 Italian movie "Melissa P.".

From the is the original Bond babe, Ursula Andress. Here she is going topless in scenes from the 1976 Italian flick "Spogliamoci così senza pudor".

Pat's comments in yellow...

Cowardly Central - "South Park" is continuing to pay the price for daring to mock Scientology. Comedy Central was scheduled to repeat the "Trapped in the Closet" episode that lampooned the cult and its famous acolyte, Tom Cruise, but Comedy Central quietly yanked it. The Hollywood Interrupted website claims that Paramount and South Park sources told them Cruise threatened their parent company Viacom that he would refuse to do any publicity for "Mission Impossible 3" if the episode aired again.

* He'll just stay home in the closet.
* Question: Do they really WANT him to promote the movie, like he did for "War of the Worlds?"
* It's especially ironic since that episode of "South Park" is 1,000 times more entertaining than that movie will be.
* The PR department's impossible mission: to make Tom Cruise not look like a humorless, egomaniacal wank.
NOTE! Once again, to learn all about Scientology, visit

Beat It! - Fox News claims that Michael Jackson has shut down Neverland Ranch for good. They say he somehow paid their mandated back pay and insurance, possibly with a loan from his sister Janet. Then, he had his longtime loyal employees called to Neverland and told they were being laid off. While Jackson tools around Bahrain in a chauffeured Bentley provided by Prince Abdullah, his workers will get no severance or pensions, even those near retirement age. All they can do is apply for unemployment.

* Or finally start writing those tell-all books...
* Even the Elephant Man had to pack his trunk.
* It's hard to leave after so many golden memories, like all the fun time they spent installing locks and soundproofing on Michael's bedroom.

The Next Viagra Spokesman - David Bozdoganov, a 75-year-old grandfather, has become a porn star in Russia by mistake. He wandered into an audition at a porn video company after mistaking their ad for a muscleman show. The director said he was watching couples simulate sex when he saw an old guy standing in the back, walked over to ask him to leave and noticed "this massive package straining against his trousers." He said, "I thought, now, this could be an original idea,' and I was right." All his movies, such as "The Old Neighbor," have been hits; although the director said his female co-stars complain about the smell because he believes in the benefits of garlic and rubs it on his manhood before sex scenes.

* He thinks that's why they call it a "head" of garlic.
* And for lubricant, he rubs it with castor oil.
* If he were just 20 years older, he'd be Anna Nicole Smith's dream man.
* Young women having sex with a horny old guy for money...These may be the most realistic movies ever made.