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"NYPD Blue"

Season One! (1993)


Scoop's note: Very exciting work by Aesthete. This groundbreaking TV series has never been equalled by any other network show when it comes to nudity, which sort of shows you that society does not always move forward. In 1993, we had SSTs flying from London to New York in 3 1/2 hours; we had seven space shuttle missions; and we had naked people on network TV.

As far as I know, nobody has even collected all the nudity and sexy scenes from this show systematically. Aesthete has not only done that, but he has done it in 1080hd! U da man, Aesthete!

today: s1e22

Debrah Farentino




Brainscan's comments:

Cortney Palm in Zombeavers looks mahvelous.  Her performance and those of her co-stars fall under the Brainscan Laws of Low-Budget Nudity - 1) Women with pretensions to be or intentions to become serious actresses will not undress... not for what the producer is willing to offer, at least; 2) Women who do undress in such fine cinematic achievements have done so before and likely will do so again.  Cortney has on a few occasions and, if there is any justice in this world, she will do so again.

Rachel Melvin is also in Zombeavers.  She is covered by the Brainscan Laws, in that she is or is well on her way to becoming a serious actress and she most certainly did not undress in this movie.  But she does possess a mighty fine caboose that her two-piece just could not contain fully, so I put together a simple, little collage.  I see where Ms. Melvin also appeared in Dumb and Dumber To last year.  Little could she have known, when she signed the contracts, she would spend less time apologizing for Zombeavers.


Bajo la Sal


Back on that kick of capping stuff off the TV, this time another Mexican movie Bajo la Sal (Under The Salt), a pretty decent murder mystery thriller about a group of girls who were all expelled from a school. Each has been murdered in turn and Isabel (Irene Azuela) is the last girl on that list. With a suspended cop desperate to reclaim his reputation and a strange boy who becomes obsessed with Isabel, can she survive before the killer strikes again?

Um, if you don't want to know that answer, I'd suggest not looking below. Oh dear...

Irene Azuela 1440x816 film clips (collages below)

TV and Film Clips

Nike Fuhrmann in Opa, Ledig, Jung (2014)

Dennenesch Zoude in Gotz von Berlichingen (2014) in 720p

Chloe Goodman in Plastic (2014) in 720p

Eline Kuppens in Linkeroever (2008) in 720p

Pics and Collages

An escaped boob from Brazilian model Wanessa Milhomem as she kissed Anthony Kiedis (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) at a Lakers' game

German soap star Isabell Horn did a promo for her new photoshoot

This was supposedly taken from the Azealia Banks Instagram feed, but I looked and didn't see it there.