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If it's Friday night, it must be Spartacus: Vengeance (episode 8)

Hannah Mangan Lawrence

brothel scene

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1080p film clips

Part 3

Brianna Brown

Morena Baccarin

La Cara Oculta


Ah, it's time for a Spanish (well technically Colombian) film, it's been a while.

La Cara Oculta is a thriller about an up and coming Spanish conductor Adrian (Quim Gutiérrez) who has a major role in a orchestra in Colombia. He walks into a bar and starts drinking himself into depression, but a barmaid Fabiana (the gorgeous Martina García from Amar A Morir and Rabia) takes a shine to him and helps him out by taking him to her house to sleep it off. The next day, Adrian goes back to the bar and asks Fabiana back to his palatial country house where they begin an affair. The next morning, police come around and tell him the latest news on his missing girlfriend Belén (Clara Lago, also gorgeous, remember her awesome debut El Juego del Ahorcado), who seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Adrian seems disappointed, but moves on with Fabiana and she makes herself comfortable in the house. But, strange things begin to happen. It sounds like someone is screaming through the plumbing and ghostly occurrences begin to freak Fabiana out. Has Belén being murdered or something else more bizarre. Look, I'm dancing around it, but the trailer gives away what happens to Belén (well, sort of), but who cares? La Cara Oculta is a solid thriller with an intriguing set-up, a neat twist or two and two gorgeous actresses with a decent helping of nudity (particularly the rather gratuitous stuff from Martina). Surely, this film will be up for a dicey PG-13 remake sooner rather than later.

Martina Garcia film clips (collages below)

Clara Lago film clip (collage below)



Zana Marjanovic in In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011) in 720p

Today's Italian exploitation classic: La Seminariste (1976)

Gisela Hahn

Ivana Novak

Gloria Piedimonte and Patrizia Buffa

Florence Barnes

Paola Tedesco

Daniela Doria


Karine Vanasse in Without Her (2006)

Christina Hendricks in an 2002 episode of Firefly (non-nude)