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Sinful Desires


Sinful Desires (2002) stars Jacy Andrews as Gia, a night sex talk DJ who prefers to keep her public persona separated from her private one. She had a stalker on her college radio show, and she has been through police scrutiny over the death of her bar owner boyfriend, Jake. She is wildly popular, and her boss is pressuring her to start a very public publicity campaign. Then she starts getting mail with personal photos of her and phone calls from someone who knows a great deal about her past. The police are little help as no crime has been committed, and they still think she had something to do with Jake's death.

The plot here is slightly above genre norms, which is a good thing, but the sex/nudity seems edited to me, making the film barely watchable, even for genre addicts. There is tepid simulated sex and nudity from Sunrise Adams, Jacy Andrews, Chelsea, Nikita Cash and Corine.

Sunrise Adams 11

Jacy Andrews 22

Chelsea 20

Nikita Cash 7









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Notes and collages


Natalie Wood in The Great Race








The L Word

Season 5, episode 10


Julienne Davis in Come Together. You will recognize her and not remember why. Her spectacular body was also on display in Eyes Wide Shut.

Some nice pokiosity from Heather Locklear

Film Clips

Some short film clips from Mephisto Waltz, featuring two of the great beauties of my generation, Jacqueline Bisset and Barbara Parkins.

Emily Grace in What Alice Found

Miranda Otto in The Nostradamus Kid and Love and Chaos

Monica Keena in Loaded

Some requests:

Harriet Walter in The Advocate



Jennifer Dale career review:

Now fifty something, she is still acting, but with her clothes on.



Yancy Butler career review:

Not much to review. She's a spectacular beauty, but she hasn't done much nudity and what she has done has never come to DVD, so these clips are kinda shabby. (The Hit List was a TV movie, so it may never make it to disc.) Although she hasn't flashed the flesh in ten years, she's still in her 30s so she might surprise us with another nude scene some day. Or not.