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Killer (1994), aka Bulletproof Heart, stars Anthony LaPaglia as a burned-out hit man who is nearly forced to do his second hit of the day against his wishes. Seems his usual boss had a thing with a woman who is into him for $650K, and likes her too much to kill her himself.

Now for the real kicker -- she wants to be whacked.

In fact, she has threatened to go to the DA with damaging evidence against him if he doesn't have her hit.

Throw in Peter Boyle as LaPaglia's inept wannabe partner, and the set-up is complete.

The victim ends up being Mimi Rogers who, in exchange for his promise to make her death painless, gives him the screwing of his life. It isn't just sex, as she ties him to the bed, slaps him around, scratches his chest, etc, until he is hard as a rock. This is not something he is used to, and he is grateful. He then discovers that she does indeed want to be killed. The whole concept of a willing victim, especially one he is falling for, is too much for LaPaglia.

 I must admit that it held my attention to the end, despite being very talky with nearly no action. The look of the film is dark, which matches the overall tone well, but makes it a little hard to see.

IMDb readers say 6.1.

Ebert liked it at 3 stars, but Berardinelli was less impressed at 2 1/2.

I found it worth the watch, hence a solid C.

This is a Region 0 (no region code) PAL, and is not available at all in Region 1. You can obtain it by clicking on the image below:

Killer DVD Bulletproof Heart Mimi Rogers (1994)


Mimi Rogers shows her monstrous breasts










Backstreet Justice

The Time Machine is back in 1994 for some Backstreet Justice. Linda Kozlowski of "Crocodile Dundee" fame shows off some tittie in this one.







Loving Deadly

A guy is smuggling babies across the border, and he gets busted. When he's in jail, his crime boss wants to keep him happy, so they arrange conjugal visits with a hooker (Sarah Lassez). They fall in love and plot to get back at the crime boss, but they accidentally kill the crime boss's identical twin brother.



Sarah Lassez


Diane Profumo and Suzy Sebastian








Hell Hath No Fury



Recently released anthology of bunnyboilers distributed by Brain Damage Films.

Includes the rape-revenge short Torched made a few years ago, but only screened in Eastern Europe as the violence was extremely graphic (a little clue here, the female lead's name sounds like Bobbett and the title refers to *one* of the things she did to her rapist's gonads). The only extra features worth mentioning is a better than average behind-the-scenes picture gallery. No director's commentary.


Linda Stang: topless as psycho girlfriend.
Janna Jolynn: sexy as vampiress.
Suzanne Serwatuk: boobs having sex.
Jennifer Angiers: boobs as female cop getting raped.
Michelle Boback: bare butt and partial boob in Torched.
Tamara Pender: bare butt and pokies in Torched.






Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 6

Virginia Hey, Ep 20


Virginia Hey, Ep 21


Virginia Hey, Ep 22


Gigi Edgley, Ep 20

Virginia Hey and Gigi Edgley, Ep 22

Francesca Buller, Ep 21






Julia Stiles in A Little Trip to Heaven
Tara Reid in a see-through blouse, no bra
The WWE's Melina Perez getting bodypainted:


Mimi Rogers in The Rapture - full screen DVD - showing all the jumbo jacks (capture to the right, clip here)
Natalie Portman in Goya's Ghosts (captures to the right, clips here). The scenes of her being tortured are a body double, per her PR flack. Many of the others (all of clip two) are obviously her since her face is in the picture.
Emmanuelle Devos in La Moustache (film only)

Heidi Hawkins in Recon 2020 (film only)

Spanish Speakers

Leonor Watling in La Habitacin del Nio

(all the nudity is in the second one)