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The trailer for American Gun

  • A series of interwoven story lines focusing on how the proliferation of guns in America affects and shapes lives. The cast of characters includes a Virginia gun shop owner and his college student granddaughter who is pressured to work at the family business; the single mother of a suburban high school assassin; a school principal at a violent inner-city high school; and an exemplary student concealing a handgun at school.

Find Me Guilty (2006): Six clips and a featurette.

The Stay Alive opening sequence

Slither - R-rated Clip

The trailer for The Fastest and the Most Furious

The trailer for Poseidon (the remake of Poseidon Adventure)

The trailer for Mission: Impossible III

President Sends Heartfelt Thank You Letter to First Nephew Pierce Bush for His Mature and Articulate Public Support (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)


  • according to shark jumping expert Jace Monteith, “The Bush administration is beginning to look like the fourth season of ‘Saved By the Bell.’

Armageddon is at hand: "The Spice Girl reunion tour is off."

Colbert Report: None of the Above

  • To college-place kids, ask them questions like, 'Can America be wrong? Answer in two letters or less.'"

Stephen Colbert asks Al Franken if thinking isn't the coward's way out.

Colbert looks at Bear Wrestling

Colbert Report: Sperm Donor

Colbert - Tonight's Word: Scapegoat

Colbert Report: Trusting the Media

Ed Helms takes a look at a candidate who isn't ball-less enough for the Democratic party.

Jon Stewart talks about the latest news on the 2008 Presidential hopefuls

"Bart Ehrman, the author of 'Misquoting Jesus,' talks to Jon Stewart about some of the inconsistencies of the bible."

Jon Stewart talks to Natalie Portman

Daily Show: Headlines - Motion Censure

  • "Clearly Bill Frist knows that revenge is a dish best served with confusing parliamentary rhetoric."

The Daily Show's This Week in God - Blasphemy Edition

Internet growth hits the wall

  • The Internet is now in 64% of households ... will only increase to 67% by 2009

Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office has seized four computer hard drives from a Lancaster newspaper as part of a statewide grand-jury investigation into leaks to reporters."


Movie Reviews:

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"Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride"

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (1978) is actually a US R rated release of the Hammer vampire film The Satanic Rites of Dracula from 1973. Christipher Lee reprises his role as Dracula, but with little enthusiasm and even less screen time. The film is an attempt to bring the Dracula legend into the 20th century, and plays more like a police action film than horror.

A special security branch of the British government suspects that evil is afoot in the Denham house. There suspicions are confirmed when one of their own witnesses a Satanic rite with blood worship, and dies after giving a report and some microfilm. The microfilm presents a problem in that the principles are bigwigs, including the man who oversees their entire branch. They seek the help of professor Van Helsing to unravel the mystery. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but it is all part of a scheme to control the world with a new strain of bubonic plague, which is really a smoke screen for what Dracula really has in mind.

Magie Fitzgerald, as the victim of the Satanic rite, shows breasts, and Valerie Van Ost, as secretary to the investigators and vampire victim bares her left breast so she can be stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake.

IMDb readers say 5.1. I don't think this differs in any important way from the original UK release. Minor critics, and those at IMDb commented, are split between "worst of the Hammer films" and best of the Hammer Vampire films. I didn't find anything remarkably good or bad about it, but found it a little more watchable than others in the genre. This is a C.

Magie Fitzgerald

Valerie Van Ost


Today we feature one of my favorites the gorgeous and sexy Bobbie Phillips in "The Hustle". Not a great movie, but easy to watch just for the presence of Bobbie in this tale of two hustlers (Bobbie and her boy friend) who hustle and get hustled with all kinds of double crosses.

So here's Bobbie, great legs, nice cleavage and even some full frontal nudity.

Bobbie Phillips

Not the best 'cap in the world...but here is Kate Beckinsale baring just a bit of bum in a scene from "Underworld: Evolution". Hopefully we'll see more when it comes to DVD in a couple of months.

DeadRed 'caps of Maria Bello looking sexy in a cheerleader outfit, and going full frontal in scenes from "A History of Violence".

The Skin-man takes a look at the 1993 Peter Weller flick, "Sunset Grill". All 3 ladies bare breasts and bum, and Singer and Wild give up some brief views of the third B.

Alexandra Paul

Lori Singer

Sandra Wild

Pat's comments in yellow...

But Bush Had 100 Questions About "The Dukes Of Hazzard!" - Wednesday night, attendees at a Republican fundraiser were disappointed when Jessica Simpson failed to appear. She was slated as a guest to promote her pet charity, Operation Smile, which provides plastic surgery for disadvantaged children with deformities, and was even promised a seat next to House Majority Leader John Boehner and private time with President Bush. But after a day of conflicting signals from her people, she finally backed out, claiming she was concerned about politicizing the charity.

* And we're supposed to believe Jessica used the word "politicizing?"
* Having no talent didn't keep her from getting movie roles, but being seen with Republicans would.
* Her charity provides plastic surgery for children with deformities, such as small breasts...Afterward, they look so beautiful, they get record contracts.
* John Boehner's entire family was so upset, they all stayed home...No Jessica Simpson, no Boehners.
* Just as well: if Jessica Simpson and George W. Bush were alone in the same room, their combined brain power might cause the universe to implode.

A Piece Of The Pie - Joe Reitman, the estranged husband of "American Pie" sexpot Shannon Elizabeth, is suing her not just for marital community property but for half of all the assets she accumulated during the five years they lived together before they got married. He wants half of everything, from property and business assets to furniture and artwork. Reitman, an actor who's had only occasional TV bit parts, took credit for her career, claiming that Elizabeth became a successful actress because she was "enhanced by (his) coaching, connections, training, assistance and efforts."

* No, she's successful because she was enhanced by a plastic surgeon.
* Apparently, he only knows how to make hot female actors successful.
* If he can make a jury swallow that, then I'll believe he knows all about acting.