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Oana Solomon in the latest episode (like season 93, episode zillion) of Tatort again demonstrates the bizarre European fascination with autopsies. It is well known that, among the continents, Europe always wins the prize for the cutest corpses.

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"Hemlock Grove"



Kaniehtiio Horn

T.J. Hooker

The TV caps this week are from T.J.Hooker, which was a TV series that ran for five seasons from 1982 to 1985. The show starred William Shatner and, in particular from a Funhouse point of view, Heather Locklear from series 2. As you’d imagine, there was no nudity but there were some lovely looking ladies.

This week the caps are mainly from season 4 and 5 and were made in 1984 and 1985. There's no nudity, just lots of swimwear and cleavage.

Series 2 Episode 4 Blind Justice (1982)

This is a mea culpa. I originally submitted this with the wrong episode (I said they were series 1 episode 5). So I have resubmitted them with correct label and I have added a couple more.

Heather Locklear

Marcy Lafferty

Some not identified

Series 4 Episode 7 Model for Murder (1984)

Debrah Farentino

Heather Locklear

Series 4 Episode 8 A Kind of Rage (1984)

A couple of mud wrestlers not identified

Series 4 Episode 10 Grand Theft Auto (1984)

Delta Burke

Jody Gibson

Sharon Hughes - Mindi Iden

One lady not identified

Series 4 Episode 14 Outcall (1985)

Heather Locklear

Lucinda Crosby

Series 4 Episode 17 Hollywood Starr (1985)

Sharon Stone

Series 4 Episode 21 Lag Time (1985)

Lisa Kingston

Series 5 Episode 4 Death Is a Four Letter Word (1985)

Diane Hoyes

Linda Carol

Series 5 Episode 7 Funny Money (1985)

Becky Bush

Pamela Bach

Sharon Hughes

Series 5 Episode 8 The Night Ripper (1986)

Heidi Helmer

Series 5 Episode 11 Nightmare (1986)

Dawn Schneider

Series 5 Episode 12 Shootout (1986)

Heather Locklear



Sort of a more modern Meatballs-type summer camp movie,

Amy Kerr: very sexy in lesbian sequence.

various: very sexy having fully clothed sex.


Amy Kerr: very sexy in an episode of Under One Roof.

Amy Kerr: topless showing some partial boob Yummy Mummy calendar photoshoot. (Outside YouTube Link)

Amy Kerr: braless with a hint of see-thru nipple.
(Outside YouTube Link)


(s1e09; hidef upgrade)

Laura Vandervoort: partial boob wearing pasties.

Kristen Pizycki: nude as stunt butt for Laura.


(short) (Outside YouTube Link)

This short has a great catfight sequence.

  Mara Lalli: very sexy.

 Dermai Zan Young: cleavage.


(tv series)

Series not to be confused with the cartoon of a similar title.

Isabelle Beaupre: Mr. D actress very sexy in bikini.


Le English speaking series, du à la episode "les Lovers" (s1e07)

Catherine Berube from the original French series returns in another role as Mylene Dinh-Robic's lesbian lover.

Mylene Dinh-Robic: cleavage scissoring Catherine Berube.

Catherine Berube: partial boob while topless in open blouse.

  Tattiawna Jones: brassiere while having sex onstairs.

Laurence Leboeuf: nude sex scene but showing nothing
(She has Berube's old role).


(2011; la short) (Outside Vimeo Link)

Short from Belgium.

Emilie Praneuf: Flemish actress is topless in nude sex scene.


(2012; le short)

(Outside YouTube Link)

Genevieve Boivin-Roussy: very dark nude sex scene.

"Serie Noire"

(le s1e09)

  Caroline Bouchard: fully clothed sex with a flash of nudity adjusting her skirt

"Les Jeunes Loups"

(le s1e01)

Jacynthe Rene: bare-assed having sex.


(le tv series)

The full title of this series is Histoire d'O' where O' is short for O'Hara.

Elisabeth Locas: sexy in various episode episodes.

Un Minime 3 Secondes

(2011; le short; aka "A Minimal 3 Seconds")

 Elisabeth Locas: brassiere having sex.

Ingrid Falaise: sexy.

"Unite 9"

(la saison une)

Guylaine Tremblay: strip search scene. (le s1e02)

Suzanne Clement: cleavage getting out of paddy wagon. (le s1e01)


Guylaine Tremblay: topless in nude lesbian scene with Mireille Deyglun in a 1992 episode of "L'Amour avec un Grand A" (aka Love With a Capital "L") .

Suzanne Clement: nude sex scene in earlier undated episode from a unknown Radio-Canada series.

Last but not least...

Emily Schooley: actress is topless in modeling shoot.



Johnny's comments:

Sometimes, I just get into this headspace that leads me to capping something like today's update. For some strange reason I cannot work out, possibly that I knew it had a fair amount of nudity in it, I've wanted to have a look at this 2003 British mini-series and now finally have capped the series. I'm pretty sure it has never aired in Australia, most definitely not on free-to-air TV anyway, so this is off the British DVD.

An early impression I had watching 40 is that it felt similar in tone to Skins and wouldn't you know it, it was written by one of the blokes that created Skins. That carefree vibe that permeates through Skins is just as prevalent here, but this time it's a bunch of late 30-somethings who are facing their school reunion and the pressures of being nearly 40. Told in a non-linear timeline, which means plenty of repetition and the problems that come with that, 40 gives us just enough of a taste in the first 2 episodes that make sure that the final episode is where characters have steep downfalls or redemptions. Eddie Izzard's character is basically begging to be pushed off the edge and naked. Hugo Speer's character seems to be a decent bloke in the beginning when he saves an illegal immigrant from detainment only he doesn't save her for his liberal do-gooder sensibilities, no he wants to fuck her hard and rough. I shit you not. When he gets murdered, it's not a sense of who done it as in who hasn't? Skins taught us that being a teenager is hard. Fuck that, try being 40!

Amira Casar film clip (samples below)

Caroline Chikezie film clip (samples below)

Nimmy March film clip (collages below)

Yasmin Kerr film clip (collages below)

Chloe Howman film clip (collages below)


TV/Film Clips

A recent nudity favorite: Asia Argento in Boarding Gate (1997) in 1080p

And a nudity classic: Tawny Kitaen in Witchboard (1986). Heaven only knows why anyone would have created a 1080p version of this film, but they did, and we reap the benefit.

Lea Draeger in a 2009 episode of Tatort in 720p

Doris Schretzmayer in a 2004 episode of Kommissar Rex in 720p