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For reasons unknown to me, Closing the Ring came out in Spain before anyplace else, so the only film clip available is dubbed in Spanish, and the quality is mediocre at best. You probably will still quite pleased to see Mischa Barton's slender body nekkid. These various clips and collages were done by other people.

Mischa Barton film clip

Note: for some of you who read the page early yesterday, there were no links to the film clips of Blythe Metz and Tiffany Shephis in Nightmare Man. That has been corrected in the back issues.



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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Bachelor Party 2


Although it's being called a sequel to 1984's Bachelor Party, this 2008 comedy is actually a new movie based on the original story, rather than a true sequel. There are no surprises, but it's funny and enjoyable in a no-brainer way.

Ron (Josh Cooke) is marrying into a wealthy family, and his loser friends prepare to throw him a bachelor party. Unfortunately for Ron, his scheming soon-to-be brother-in-law feels threatened by Ron's entrance into the family, so he moves the party to Miami Beach, aiming to get Ron laid and kill the marriage before it happens.

While there's nothing trail-blazing in the story, it was well done and lots of lightweight fun. Worth watching, too, because they loaded it with beautiful women.

Ashley Totin, Erika Smith, Diana Vilskaya Dena Carman, Mariann Gavelo Emmanuelle Vaugier Jennifer Steele, Arianna Coltellacci
La Trice Perry Paula LaBaredas, Kendra Lee Hansard, Claudia Costa Sara Foster






Dr. T and the Women


Today we have some nudity from two major stars.

A fifty-something Farrah Fawcett decides to take it off in the fountain at a shopping mall.

Caps and a clip.

Helen Hunt takes a naked stroll in a far off scene. Caps and a clip.

Holly Pelham has her boob examined by "Dr.T" (Richard Gere ). Caps and a clip.

Shelley Long shows off her new underwear.







Notes and collages


Charlize Theron in The Italian Job


Elpedia Carrillo in Predator










Johnny Moronic

Two Spanish projects from the prolific Aussie


Jennifer Aniston bikini
Kate Beckinsale in workout clothing. No nudity, but a sexy look at her butt, especially in the first one.
Lara Flynn Boyle at the beach, bikini
Lara Flynn Boyle in Afterglow
Charlotte Church bikini
Alessia Merz - topless beach
Petra Nemcova, Cannes 2004
Kimberly Stewart, Malibu, bikini
Cameron Diaz, Malibu, bikini
Kim Kardashian, partial butt
Olivia Williams in To Kill a King
Sean Young in Jesse Stone (no nudity)

Film Clips