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Bare is a drama about Sarah (Dianna Agron) who lives in a small town and is going nowhere fast. She has a boyfriend Haden (Chris Zylka) who she doesn't like and she has just been fired from her supermarket job. At her father's abandoned antique store that is up for sale, Sarah finds a drifter, Pepper (Paz de la Huerta), sleeping there but instead of kicking her out, she becomes intrigued by her and they become friends. Sarah is about to start a new job at a diner, but Pepper gets her interested in working at the local strip club. After a clumsy start, she begins to make some decent money and also begins a relationship with Pepper. Things are finally looking up and she finally has a chance to leave her dead end town, but her secret life is about to catch up with her.

Standard "stuck in a small town" drama, nothing really to add to the genre plus you get the pleasure of watching another movie where the meaning of life can be found at a strip club. We'll never be done with these movies and we all should be thankful for this, no matter their quality.

Dianna Agron (collages below)

Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta (samples below)

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