I'm out of town, so I'm only doing the highlights. I will catch up all the classic and variety material in the Sunday page, but I'll be very late in publishing it. The Sunday TV highlights will be in Monday's page, and that should be on time!

TV Recap

Banshee's season finale (s2e10) featured Ivana Milicevic topless

The latest episode of Black Sails, episode 8, which may not have aired yet when you read this, included a full frontal nude scene from Jessica Parker Kennedy.

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"Hemlock Grove"



Emily Piggford again

Comments by Oz:

I’ve finished the chronological walk through the movies, so for the next few months I’ll be doing other groups of movies with something in common. This week it’s Scandinavia, with movies from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. (Most of the movies in Europe are co-productions, so the country of origin can sometime be a bit flexible.)


Cold Prey

Viktoria Winge spends quite a bit of time in her underwear in the Norwegian film Cold Prey aka Fritt vilt (2006) and the most we see are some see-through nipple.


After the Wedding

Some breasts on show in the Danish movie After the Wedding aka Efter brylluppet (2006) by Neel Ronholt

and Stine Fischer Christensen.

Sidse Babett Knudsen looks good.

Everything Will be Fine

Marijana Jankovic shows her breasts in the Danish Everything Will be Fine aka Alting bliver godt igen (2010).

Love and Rage

From Denmark, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen is topless in Love and Rage aka Vanvittig forelsket (2009).


Patricia Schumann is topless in Submarino (2010) from Denmark.

White Night

From Denmark, Anne Sophie Byder gets naked in White Night (DEN) but not a lot can be seen.

The Zookeeper

Gina McKee is nearly topless in the Danish The Zookeeper (2001)



No nudity but Michelle Williams looks good in the Swedish movie Mammoth (2009).

Seeking Temporary Wife

From Sweden we have Lotta Ostlin Stenshall showing some side boob in Tillfällig fru sökes (2003)

Show me Love

Alexandra Dahlstrom is in her underwear in the Swedish Show me Love aka Fucking Amal (1998).

The Silence

An old movie from Sweden is The Silence aka Tystnaden (1963).

Gunnel Lindblom

and Lissi Alandh are topless.


Ann Sofie Lundin shows some side boob in Storm (2005) from Sweden.

Looking good are Jacqueline Ramel

and Sasha Becker.


Suddenly aka Underbara älskade (2006) is from Sweden and Moa Gammel is topless.


Izabella Scorupco is topless in the Swedish Sunstorm aka Solstorm (2007).


TV/Film Clips

Wolf of Wall Street is out in Blu-Ray. Sweet!

Katarina Cas

Natalie Bensel

and, of course, Margot Robbie

Anna Unterberger in Mein Kampf (2011) in 720p and slomo