Other Crap:

Conan O'Brien's latest quotables:

  • "Earlier today, President Bush flew to New Orleans. There was an awkward moment when the President looked around and said, 'Oh, my God, what the hell happened here?'"
  • "A new book is coming out about Barry Bonds' alleged steroid use and one of the steroids the book accuses Bonds of using is normally given to cattle. When reached for comment, Bonds said, 'Moo.'"
  • "Today David Hasselhoff pleaded 'no contest' to a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. Police suspected Hasselhoff was driving under the influence because his talking car was slurring its words."

The trailer (R-rated) from Three, an erotic thriller otherwise known as The Billy Zane Sinking Ship Tetrology, Part IV (Dead Calm, Cleopatra, Titanic, Three).

  • This is the film which Zane tried to block legally. Lots of nudity from Kelly Brook

The trailers and a clip from Day Watch (The sequel to Night Watch) 

A clip from The Science of Sleep

  • In director Michel Gondry's, "The Science of Sleep," life seems to be looking up for shy and withdrawn Stephane (Gael García Bernal) when he is coaxed to return to his childhood home with the promise of a the mundane world of copy setting. Wildly creative, his fanciful and sometimes disturbing dream life constantly threatens to usurp his waking world. Stephane is quickly drawn to his neighbor, Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) whose imagination easily matches his own. As their relationship blossoms, the confidence Stephane exudes in his dreams begins bleeding over into his real life. Unable to bear the prospect of a waking world without Stephanie's love, and with no satisfying solutions coming out of his dream world, Stephane faces a dilemma he may not be able to depend on the science of sleep to help him solve.

"What's so funny ...
Comedians talk about comedy at recent Aspen festival"

"KEN LAY CLAIMS COCONUT FELL ON HEAD, CAUSING AMNESIA" ... Controversial "Gilligan Defense" Makes Debut at Enron Trial 

Nicollette Sheridan to marry "no-talent assclown", thus proving herself even more desperate than her character. 

Kate Moss buys a $350, 24 carat vibrator, the legendary instrument which the conquistadors called "el dildo d'oro" 

Travolta, J-Lo offered roles of JR and Sue Ellen in film version of 'Dallas' 

Colin Farrell-Playboy pinup sex tape fight still alive  

Colbert talks to satirist Christopher Buckley 

Colbert Report: "Stereotypes are the best tools we have to feel good about ourselves." 

Stephen Colbert discusses Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee 

The Colbert Report computers become the first to project the 2008 elections 

The Daily Show: "It's a sign of how desperate things may be in the Middle East when hopes rest on Sharon Stone." 

Colbert's "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger," zeroing in on the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame 

FOX News Watch host Eric Burns discusses his new book with Jon Stewart. 

The Daily Show's Rob Corddry talks about the Dubai ports deal 

The Daily Show: Jiffylubistan -- it services our military 

The Daily Show looks at NASA's upcoming plans 

Bush approval hits lowest point ever (36%)

  • In the past year, during which the president has dropped from 44 to 36 in the polls, there has been virtually no change in his approval from Democrats and some softening among Republicans, but his approval among independents has dropped from 46% to 23%, and that is what has driven his overall approval rating down

Ugly goings-on at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions.


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Screwballs (1983) is a Canadian teen High School titty comedy, In fact, the only real plot is that a group of guys who meet in detention all have the same ambition. Before homecoming, they want to see the breasts of Chastity Bush, the only virgin left on campus. Along they way, they set up one joke after another, and the payoff is always bare breasts. These breasts come from

Linda Speciale as Charity Bush, Raven De La Croix as a stripper, Linda Shane screwing at the drive-in, Kim Cayer on a diving board, Kimberly Brooks during strip bowling, Jennifer Inch during a bogus freshman girl breast exam and two unknowns. The group of guys includes the usual stereotypes, including the rich sophisticate, the fat guy who always jerks off, the nerd who applies science to seeing up girls dresses, and the clean cut looking newcomer.

IMDb readers have this at 4.4. Frankly, we have seen all of this before, and usually done better. The plot line is thin, and any good ideas were spoiled by inept direction and editing. This is the lowest possible C-.

Jennifer Inch

Kimberly Brooks

Linda Shane

Linda Speciale

Raven De La Croix



A little soft-core today with a Fred Olen Ray presentation called "Teenage Cavegirl".

Breasts and a hint of bush from everyone.

Jezebelle Bond plays the cavegirl who is transported one million years into the future. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me that cavegirls had tattoos back then.

Jezebelle Bond

Jezebelle with Kennedy Johnston who has a gorgeous set of boobs.

Jezebelle Bond and Kennedy Johnston

Kennedy with some nice full frontal nudity.

Kennedy Johnston


There is this movie entitled 50,000 Years B. C. (Before Clothing) and it is also called Nudes On Rocks. Made in 1963. Has a professor of some sort who lives in a trailor park and cavemen who live, naturally enough, in caves. Things start out in the trailor park and move to the caves and along the way they drift by a couple of lakes and a few wooded meadows. You know...the stuff of poems. Were that all this movie had to offer the title would have been a tad different and I would have passed it by. But it's not. Walking around and doing all sorts of things is a crowd of nekkid babes. I counted 10. Coulda been more. That's the good news. Bad news is only two or three are impressive and only one of them was recognizable.

Ahh, but that one. She used her real name of Lenore Rhein but she was known for severals years as Gigi Darlene. From 1962-1967 Gigi made a couple of dozen movies and she showed off a shape that, was all-natural and very impressive. Sad things are: 1) she disappeared from the nudie movie scene in 1967; 2) there's not a lot of images from her work out there in cyberspace. So I grabbed as many images as I could and constructed a bunch of collages. And on top of that I threw together frames of nine unknown topless gals. I am betting, based on her own bod, that the unknown #5 did a fair amount. Do let me know if you recognize her.

Gigi Darlene



'Caps and comments by Spaz:

"ReGenesis" season one DVD set
Canadian sci-fi drama about a scientific team investigating biohazard outbreaks which seems lifted right out of today's headlines. Uncut episodes are only available on DVD in the UK while in Canada they're being repeated in syndication on Global with the naughty bits cut out (Tara Spencer-Nairn's bare-assed sex scene within the first ten minutes of the series premiere being the only exception). Season two begins next Sunday on March 19.

Nudity rundown: Tara Spencer-Nairn of Corner Gas shows full dorsal nudity in sex scene in the first episode "Baby Bomb"; Kristin Booth shows partial boob while breastfeeding in "Spare Parts"; Sarah Strange shows partial boob in sex scene in "The Oldest Virus"; Jennifer Steede is topless and nude in "The Promise" while Peter Outerbridge shows his ugh disco bush (cut in syndication); Carrie Clayton is full frontal as nude model also in "The Promise" (cut in syndication); Jamie Holmes is sexy as stripper in the last episode "The Longest Night"; and for the grande finale one-timer Jessica Barlow is full frontal as stripper also in "The Longest Night" (cut in syndication).

Tara Spencer-Nairn Kristin Booth Sarah Strange

Jennifer Steede Carri Clayton Jamie Holmes Jessica Barlow

Here is "Princess Diaries" star Anne Hathaway all grown up and playing a "bored and naughty teen" while showing a bit of nipple in a scene from "Havoc". Thanks to Dragon

The Skin-man catches former "NYPD Blue" babe Kim Delaney baring a bit o' breast and bum in scenes from the 1994 thriller, "Temptress".

Pat's comments in yellow...

Kids In The Gyllenhaal - A survey by the British DVD company Lovefilm ranked the top 10 sexiest film scenes of all time. The oldest was #7, Grace Kelly awakening Jimmy Stewart with a kiss in "Rear Window" (1954). Classics included Michelle Pfeiffer writhing on a piano in "The Fabulous Baker Boys" (#8) and Neve Campbell and Denise Richards washing a car in "Wild Things" (#6). But the top of the list was more kinky: #3 was George Clooney locking Jennifer Lopez in his car trunk in "Out of Sight," #2 was the gay kiss in "Brokeback Mountain," and #1 was lawyer James Spader spanking Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Secretary."

* That was kinky because we all know it's lawyers who need to be spanked.
* Once again, "Brokeback Mountain" came in second because it had Jake Gyllenhaal instead of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
* Locking J-Lo in a car trunk wasn't really sexy, but everyone just loved the idea.
* If this were an American list, the winners would've been "Romancing The Bone, volumes 1 through 10."

Thanks For Ruining The Surprise! - Sharon Stone says she has a full-frontal nude scene about two-thirds of the way through "Basic Instinct 2," and she insisted that it be put off for a while and when it arrived, it should be done in a way that was startling, disturbing and threatening. She told the London Evening Standard, "By the time the film is released, I will be 48, and I wanted to do the nudity in a way that's quite brazen...I wanted the audience to have a moment where they realize she's naked, and then realize she's a fortysomething woman and naked."

*So Sharon opens her legs and pulls her driver's license out of her vagina.
* She announced this so nobody would think she's fiftysomething.
* Hollywood considers any naked 48-year-old woman to be startling, disturbing and threatening.

Dirrty Old Lady - Christina Aguilera told Elle magazine that she hopes she'll still be able to wear the bottomless chaps from her "Dirrty" video when she's older. She said, "I'll whip them out when I'm 60, and hopefully, I'll be able to get those suckers on."

* Good luck getting them on over the Depends.
* Then she could make a kinky western movie: "Broke-Hip Mountain."
* Christina, when you're 60 and walking around without pants, people just assume to forgot to put them on.

"Okay, Now Release My Family!" - Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef, has quit "South Park," saying the show has gone too far in ridiculing people's religious beliefs. But co-creator Matt Stone said Hayes never complained when they made fun of every other religion, only after they mocked his, which is Scientology.

* They cruelly held it up to ridicule by recounting its beliefs accurately.
* Or maybe Isaac is just a really big Tom Cruise fan.
* Ruben Studdard could use a gig.
NOTE! For fun facts on Scientology, see Now with a link to the new Rolling Stone article!