"Betty Fisher et autres histoires"

Betty Fisher et autres histoires (2001) is making its US debut direct to DVD under the title Alias Betty. The film received acting nods from several festivals, and is currently rated 7.1 at IMDB. Critical response is 2.5 to 3 stars. Betty Fisher was the daughter of a woman with mental problems. As the film opens, she has returned to Paris with her small son, and she picks up her mother, who is now living in Spain, and is somewhat cured. That night, her son falls to his death. Her mother, seeing her daughter deeply depressed, comes up with a solution. She grabs another kid for her. Fisher is slow to accept the kid, but, when she discovers he has bruises from abuse, elects to keep him.

The mother of the stolen child, Mathilde Seigner, is a cocktail waitress and hooker, living with a black, unemployed ex con, and really is not at all broken up about being rid of the kid, but has to make noises like she is. She has no idea who the father is, as it could have been any of a dozen men that week. Since this is highly rated, and you may want to see it, I will let the plot rest there. The story is told a chunk at a time, each chunk focusing on different characters, which I found distracting and hard to follow. Seigner shows breasts in a shower scene. The photography is very nice, the DVD transfer very good, and there are lots of extras, such as a making of featurette and filmographies. The subtitles were bad enough that, even with my very limited knowledge of French, I was able to find inaccuracies. C-.

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    "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) is half noir, half animated cartoon staring Bob Hoskins as a hard boiled detective, now a drunk, Roger Rabbit, cartoon hero, and his wife, torchy singer Jessica Rabbit. The owner of the cartoon studio hires Hoskins to take incriminating photos of Jessica to show Roger what he she has been up to. When the man Jessica was with turns up dead, Roger is the main suspect, and Hoskins tries to solve the case and save Rabbit. It turns out to be a conspiracy in the Chinatown tradition.

    When the film was released on Laser Disk, there were claims that Jessica showed bush in a scene where she flies out of a car after crashing. Either the clarity of the DVD gave me a better view, or the scene was redone for this release, but it is clearly a panty crotch that we see. Jessica also shows tons of cleavage in every scene she is in.

    IMDB readers have this at 7.3 of 10. It won Oscars for Sound Effects, Editing, and visual effects and also a special achievement Oscar. It was also nominated cinematography, art direction, and sound. It also received Best Actor and best Picture nominations by the Golden Globes. Ebert, four stars. Rotten Tomatoes 100% overall, and from the top guys as well. Who am I to argue? This is an A. The new DVD release is very nice, with two DVDs, one widescreen with commentaries, and one full screen with interactive entertainment, autographed pics of Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and more.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    Demasiado Amor (2001, Mexico, in Spanish, subtitled)

    Demasiado Amor (Too Much Love) is a beautifully photographed, offbeat romantic comedy. The beautiful locations in Mexico are photographed by Gabriel Figueroa Jr., a second generation cinematographer. His father, Gabriel Sr., The film follows two sisters, Beatriz and Laura, who are nurturing a childhood dream to go to another country, set up bed and breakfast and live off the income. One day they decide that one of them must go to Spain and get the project started. They leave it to a coin-flip. Laura leaves. Beatriz, in her loneliness, begins to live three different lives and three different dreams. On the one hand, she still dreams of joining her sister in Spain, She also accepts the attentions of many lovers. Finally, she searches for and dreams about an elusive true love. In the course of the movie, Beatriz discovers more about herself, and realizes that she belongs in Mexico, on her own.

     It is a good film of its type, and it looks beautiful, but be forewarned that it is a romantic comedy in Mexican Spanish with subtitles. If those things don't scare you off, it's a pretty good little movie, with some beautiful nudity

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    Sasquatch (2002, straight-to-cable):

    Also known as The Untold

    Sasquatch is the story of a billionaire corporate executive who takes a team of specialists (wilderness experts, local guides, etc) into the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest to find a missing company plane. It is a matter of personal concern to him because the people on board included his daughter. The team begins to suspect that his main goal is not related to his missing daughter at all, but to an irreplaceable DNA testing machine called the Huxley Project, which his company has spent so much time and money developing that the company is valueless without it. After finding the plane, with its passengers apparently ripped apart by a ferocious beast, the group tries to figure out what could have happened.

    Well, I guess the name of the movie should pretty much tell you who/what was responsible. The mystery is "why?". In the process of the investigation, the CEO (Lance Hendrickson) finds out that he and the Sasquatch have a lot in common. Especially around the hairline. Actually, Sasquatch looks a lot like those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

    Hendrickson turns in his usual professional acting job, and the film really looks good in a crisp 1.85 anamorphic transfer, except when they do some crazy distortive effects to represent Sassy's POV. Other than those plusses, the film is about what you'd expect from a straight-to-vid-or-cable, except for a director's commentary on the DVD (I didn't listen to it, but others said it was good.)

    The film is supposed to be "based on actual accounts"  (see story here), although a disclaimer at the end says it is based solely on the CEO's account. The others denied that there was any sasquatch involved, and the investigators felt that the CEO's account was delusional, brought on by despair and grief.


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    Other crap:

    What're the odds?

    75th Academy Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

    This is kinda cool, unless you're Chris Cooper, who really deserves the Oscar. Just about a week ago, Cooper was the odds-on favorite for the best supporting actor Oscar. As of this minute, the Cult of Walken is causing a major shift in the odds, and they are now almost co-favorites.


    Bet Selections Win Odds
    Chris Cooper 1.6
    Christopher Walken 2.0
    Ed Harris 11.0
    John C. Reilly 11.0
    Paul Newman 16.0



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    'Caps and comments by C2000:

    "My Little Eye" (2002)

    Five young people will win a prize of a million dollars if they spend six months in an isolated house having their every move watched by cameras. The one difference to the Big Brother format is that the prize is contingent on all five remaining the entire six months. The film suffers from the usual reality television problem - the characters are a bunch of losers seeking five minutes of fame on a digital channel watched by ten people or in this case a website. Therefore watching them being watched by cameras is mind numbingly boring. Clearly this was seen as a big brother goes bad horror movie but a few spooks aside nothing, absolutely nothing, happens until the last few minutes. The director chooses to go for the grand finale but he's lost the audience within the first half-hour. The finale itself is more gratuitous slasher than horror and as it happens to actors, uninteresting.

    Now, I'm all in favour of the gruesome elimination of contestants on reality shows - it would be compulsive viewing - but the concept doesn't work as a movie.

    Jennifer Sky (star of the short lived -and really bad syndicated series "Cleopatra 2525") is topless three times including a long sex scene with Will Tippen from "Alias". The scenes are dark and grainy due to the voyeur cam effect but it was the best thing about the film. Laura Regan shows her breasts in the shower - you don't see face and breasts in the same shot but it's doubtful an actress with a couple of credits got a double.

    Debbie Rochon
    (1, 2)

    The B-movie favorite posing for the camera. Very nice see-thru nipple sightings in #2.

    Denice Duff Another B-actress, probably best known for starring in 4 of the 5 "Subspecies" movies. Here she is mostly nude, posing as Eve, complete with fig leaf, snake and apple.

    Jillian McWhirter
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Yup, you guessed it, another B-babe. In link #1 we see her topless and showing a bit of bum in a love scene from "The Dentist II". Links 2-4 are B&W scans of her wearing a very shear outfit with clear breast views.

    Mandy Schaffer
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    No nudity, but this girl can really fill out a bikini...especially a soaking wet one that shows off serious pokies! Vidcaps from the movie "Tease"...aka "Poison" (1999).

    Tiffany Shepis
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    A Troma regular holding her boobs in a variety of poses. Link #3 is boob free, but does give us some dorsal nudity.

    Tina Krause One more she is wearing fangs and a very see-thru top.

    Britney Spears New paparazzi pics of the pop princess showing some serious pokies. Thanks to Brainscan.

    Naomi Watts
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Non-nudes, but the star of "Mulholland Dr." and "The Ring" looks great in these scans from the April '03 issue of Arena magazine.

    Diane Lane Showing fantastic cleavage and a whole lot of leg at a red carpet event. Thanks to Squiddy.

    Halle Berry One more from Squiddy, the Oscar winner showing a little cleavage.

    Laura Esposito
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Gorgeous topless and rear nude poses from the Italian Max.

    Kate Moss The supermodel showing us exactly why she is super. A beautiful topless B&W.

    Julie Benz The co-star of "Jawbreaker", "As Good As It Gets", "Inventing the Abbotts" and the TV series "Angel" showing tons of cleavage as she poses for the March '03 issue of FHM.

    Monica Bellucci
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    B&W scans of the Italian über-babe and co-star of the upcoming Matrix sequels by Marsie. In link #5 she's posing topless. The others are sexy non-nudes with some partial exposure or cleavage.

    Gabriella Hall

    Jacqueline Lovell
    (1, 2)

    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    PK Orion put together these great 'caps from the 1997 softcore flick, "Lolita 2000". All 3 B's make several appearances, and there are even some semi-gyno-views

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Example Of A Good Husband: Norm! - Fox affiliate WRAZ-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, which refused to air "Temptation Island," has yanked "Married by America" off the air after one airing, saying it was not in good taste and was "clearly demeaning to the institution of marriage." It was replaced by reruns of "Cheers."

  • You know, the sitcom about the alcoholic womanizer who had sex with every slut who came into his bar.
  • Then they realized it was set in a bar, and they pulled it.
  • Question: How can this be a FOX affiliate?!

    What A Revoltin' Development - Thursday, a California jury ruled that Michael Jackson owes a concert promoter $5.3 million for backing out of two millennium concerts on New Year's Eve, 1999. Michael may also be in trouble with California tax authorities. He's gotten a big tax break for years because Neverland Ranch is zoned "agricultural," which means only two of its 2,600 acres can be developed. They find it hard to believe that all those buildings, a petting zoo, a train, food stands, a playground and an amusement park all take up less than two acres.

  • It takes up two acres the way Michael's nose has only had two operations.
  • The petting zoo is very small...The only animals are fleas.
  • No wonder he keeps changing his appearance: Tax collectors are after him!
  • Neverland Ranch is agricultural? It must be a goat farm, because there's always a new crop of kids.

    The Final Blow Job - The famed Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada will be demolished. It was seized by the IRS in 2000, but a spokesman said the buildings were designed "for a specific purpose" and "can't realistically be used for anything else."

  • It was built for screwing people all day long...Make it an IRS office.
  • The Army could use it to test biological warfare hazmat suits.
  • Meanwhile, in Vegas, they're building a billion-dollar "Mustang Ranch" theme hotel...Bring the kids!

    Plus, They Were Naked - In Munich, Germany, a brothel was shut down and many of its employees now face deportation after they went on strike for payment of back wages. Police said it hadn't been shut down before because it's so hard to prove a woman is a prostitute, but in this case, the women admitted it by carrying picket signs demanding fair pay for prostitutes.

  • Maybe they were just actors who struck in sympathy with prostitutes.
  • How do they know those weren't just prostitute trainees?
  • Besides, they were charging men 20 bucks to cross their picket line.