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Naked News (3/13) had two noteworthy segments:

"Tara" auditioned

Peyton Priestley hosted the Hollywood XPress feature

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"NYPD Blue"

Season One! (1993)


Scoop's note: Very exciting work by Aesthete. This groundbreaking TV series has never been equalled by any other network show when it comes to nudity, which sort of shows you that society does not always move forward. In 1993, we had SSTs flying from London to New York in 3 1/2 hours; we had seven space shuttle missions; and we had naked people on network TV.

As far as I know, nobody has even collected all the nudity and sexy scenes from this show systematically. Aesthete has not only done that, but he has done it in 1080hd! U da man, Aesthete!

today: s1e13

Gail O'Grady


Camille 2000


Dominique Badou


Heading to the Orient this week, with movies from Japan and Korea (and naturally only South Korea). Identification is sometimes difficult as my understand of the Japanese and Korean writing system is zilch, and the IMDB is not always helpful.

Today: JAPAN


Yuki Amami is topless in Inugami (2001).

Mystery Train

The nudity in Mystery Train (1989) is by a topless Youki Kudoh.

Elizabeth Bracco

and Nicoletta Braschi look good.

One Missed Call

Azusa is topless in One Missed Call aka Chakushin ari (2003).

Power Point

Miwako Ichikawa shows the lot in Power Point aka Konsento (2001).

Running on Empty

Mihiro is topless in Running on Empty (2010).

TV and Film Clips

Deborah Revy in a music video for "Hey tu ne me manqueras plus" in 1080hd

Reese Witherspoon in Wild (2014) - 1080hd from Blu-Ray

Ana Girardot in La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur (2014) in 1080hd

Alina Fritsch in Am Ende Des Sommers (2014) in 720p

Alicia Vikander in Son Of A Gun (2014) in 720p

Emma Harbour in Tumbledown (1988)

Pics and Collages

Diana Agron out and about in London