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"Strike Back: Project Dawn"

1080p film clips

Part 9

Natalia Avelon

Alexandra Moen


Martha Marcy May Marlene


Eluzabeth Olsen collages



Non-nude shenanigans from AnnaLynne McCord in 90210 (s4e18) in 720p

Kata Peto in Birdsong (2012) in 720p

and Clemence Poesy in Birdsong

Isabel Lucas in The Immortals (2011)

Madeline Brumby in Dear God No (2011)

Wet t-shirt action from Ashley Judd in Helen (2009)

Helen must have been the official wet t-shirt film, because Lauren Lee Smith did the same

Today's Italian exploitation classic:  Monica Guerritore in Femmina (1998)

Irina Movila in Subspecies (1991) in 1080p

Michelle McBride, also in Subspecies

Sissy Spacek, Nancy Allen (seen naked below), and Amy Irving in Carrie (1976) in 1080p

Mascha Rabben in Fassbinder's Welt am Draht (1973) in 1080hd


Alice Barnole in House of Pleasures (2011)

Hafsia Herzi in House of Pleasures (2011)

Pauline Jacquard in House of Pleasures (2011)

Celine Sallette in House of Pleasures (2011)

Iliana Zabeth in House of Pleasures (2011)

An upgrade of last summer's Katy Perry upskirt

The women of Blow-Up