Californication could do no better than a flashback scene, and a very brief one at that. Here's Camille Langfield's breasts in a fleeting 720p moment. (third party film clip)


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Carisa Glucksman and a young Chloe Sevigny in a film clip (captures below)



Colpo Grosso

In the days to come are clips from Polarscan, edited by me, of the Italian TV show Colpo Grosso. No plot - women strip and seem to score points somehow but who really cares? Some passingly well-known gals, all of them more than sort of attractive. And topless.

Today: Zara Whites



Film Clips

Camille Rowe in a "behind the scenes" film from her Jalouse photoshoot (see below)

1080p clips of Carice van Houton in Komt die vrouw (2009, see below)


Marina Gatell in Little Ashes (2008; see below)

Here's all of the nudity from Harold and Kumar 2 (2008) in Blu-Ray quality. There's plenty of bare flesh, and the quality is good, but it's basically all unidentified background players.

The lesbian vampire classic Daughters of Darkness (1972) is now out on Blu-Ray. Today we have Andrea Rau in 1080p. Tomorrow Danielle Ouimet. (Samples below)


The Stewardesses (1971) featured full frontal and rear nudity from Ingrid Steeger. (see below)



Eva Amurri bared her buns, but not her spectacular breasts, for a new photoshoot

Jenny McCarthy still looks great in a bikini

Helen Mirren in Excalibur in HD

Cherie Lunghi in Excalibur in HD

Katrine Boorman in Excalibur in HD

Upgraded looks at Mena Suvari in Hemingway's Garden of Eden (2008)

Yes, Papa really wrote that crap. Kinda sorta.

You know that a movie has to condense much from a 350-page novel. But the published novel was already significantly condensed from Hemingway's original manuscript. Hemingway spent 15 years writing this story, from 1946 until his suicide in 1961, producing 200,000 words and never finishing! Scribner's published a 70,000 word version in 1986.

Therefore, the script for this film tries to be a complete story equivalent to about a 90-page novel, while the actual words of Hemingway comprised an incomplete story some ten times longer.

So it is possible that Hemingway was not given a fair shake, or it is possible that he wrote ten times as much crap as this film was able to portray. Whichever is the case, the film is awful. I watched a VOD version. My jaw dropped several times as I endured the sheer unpleasant amateurishness of the whole endeavor, as the actors strove to simulate the shallow cadences of the idle set using jazz-age speech.

It is a movie that could be campy enough to be hilariously bad, except that it commits the only real sin in the entertainment business - boredom. It's about as interesting as C-SPAN 2.

It scored 5% at Rotten Tomatoes, and one critic wrote, "The quality is not on par with feature filmmaking." That's true enough, but is rather unnecessarily kind. The quality is not on par with your dad's family Super 8 films from the 70s.

Upgraded looks at Catarina Murino in Garden of Eden (2008)

Lisa Henni in Snabba Cash

Domini Blythe in HD captures from Vampire Circus (1972). My dad could never take me to the Vampire Circus. He worked nights.


Kristina Paul in HD captures from Vampire Circus.

Serena Weber in HD captures from Vampire Circus.