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If you like non-stop action, gruesome deaths, and an outrageous body count, you'll most likely enjoy 2007's Hitman. The story, while not exceptional, isn't bad, either, and fans of the video game from whence it came seem to like it, judging by comments I've seen.

Raised with a group of misfit young people in the discipline of efficient killing by a shadowy group who sells their services to the highest bidder, a top-notch assassin known only as Agent 47 is given a contract that gets him involved in an international conspiracy.

Before long, he is being chased by Interpol, the Russian military, and finally, even men from his own agency. His career could well be over, while the body count continues to mount as he eludes all his pursuers.

I'm not at all familiar with the game, but I'm a big fan of over-the-top action, so I really enjoyed this one, however, if you don't like lots of blood, take a pass.

Olga Kurylenko








Sounds like we are back in school again as we look at "Sex and Death 101".

Winona Ryder gives an oh so brief glimpse of a boob.

But fear not Sophie Monk is a lot more generous as she gives up some very nice T & A.







Notes and collages



Joanna Going




Courteney Cox









The Foursome


Light comedy with a nice nude scene by Nicole Oliver although she put a few pounds since her last nude scene a decade ago.

Siri Baruc shows some pokies,

Ellie Harvie

and Leila Johnson are sexy,

and Sarah & Stephanie Penikett (twin sisters of Battlestar Galatica's Tahmoh Penikett) are also sexy.





Black comedy horror just as weird as its name.

Taryn Manning shows some cleavage.



Blood Relatives


Murder mystery with a creepy brother-sister incest component.

Aude Landry shows cleavage

and Lisa Langlois some pokies.



"The Englishman's Boy"

(2008 - TV)

Recent CBC anti-western miniseries.

Katharine Isabelle is sexy

while Sera-Lys McArthur shows some full dorsal nudity after being raped.



"The Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "Except the Dying"


First episode of the miniseries with one-timer Meaghen Cullen showing an awful lot of nudity

while Flora Montgomery

and Rebecca Gibson are sexy.




episode "Fine China"

Holly Eglington is sexy as pizza delivery girl.



The Ladies Man


Before she was in CBC series The Border Sofia Minos was topless in this SNL spinoff movie.





Jessica Barrow as a hooker/stripper in a couple of episodes of the cable series.



Shoot 'Em Up


Talia Russo has been IDed in this movie. She's the first hooker in the hallway.








Angie Harmon in The Good Mother
Alexa Davalos in Feast of Love
Radha Mitchell in Feast of Love
Selma Blair in Feast of Love
Stana Katic in Feast of Love
Carole Bouquet in That Obscure Object of Desire
Jennifer Connelly in Some Girls
Sheila Kelley in Some Girls
Kelly Lynch in Warm Summer Rain
Winona Ryder in The Ten


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Two more of Olga Kurylenko from her modeling days

Sienna Miller loses her bikini bottom


Patsy Kensit - HQ versions of her see-through


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