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"NYPD Blue"

Season One! (1993)


Scoop's note: Very exciting work by Aesthete. This groundbreaking TV series has never been equalled by any other network show when it comes to nudity, which sort of shows you that society does not always move forward. In 1993, we had SSTs flying from London to New York in 3 1/2 hours; we had seven space shuttle missions; and we had naked people on network TV.

As far as I know, nobody has even collected all the nudity and sexy scenes from this show systematically. Aesthete has not only done that, but he has done it in 1080hd! U da man, Aesthete!

today: s1e8

Donna Baltron and unidentified


Beverly Hills Naked Cheerleader Contest


Part 4

Antoinette Abbot film clip (collages below)

Scoop's note: here are some images that were supposed to go with yesterday's clip ...


Heading to the Orient this week, with movies from Japan and Korea (and naturally only South Korea). Identification is sometimes difficult as my understand of the Japanese and Korean writing system is zilch, and the IMDB is not always helpful.

Today: JAPAN

Air Doll

Air Doll aka Kûki ningyô (2009) is one of those weirdo Japanese films and Doona Bae is the topless air doll.


Fukumi Kuroda is topless in Dandelion aka Tampopo (1985).

The Eel

The Eel aka Unagi (1997) shows Chiho Terada

and Misa Shimizu both topless.

Empire of Passion

Empire of Passion aka Ai no borei (1978) has Kazuko Yoshiyuki topless.


Gantz (2010) shows Natsuna topless.

Evil Feed


Johnny's comments:

Evil Feed is a comedy where Steven (Terry Chen) forcefully takes over his father's Chinese restaurant, which has a specialty in human flesh including the famous Dickie Roll (um, I think you can work out what that is). On one special night six months after the takeover, Steven with his loving partner/host Yuki (Alyson Bath) are getting ready to impress some important people. Steven is introduced by his bookie to someone interested in his business , Madame Dragonfly (Carrie Genzel) and Yuki, who is hornily waiting for Steven, gets jealous and decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, there's an MMA exhibition in the restaurant where kidnapped participants are forced to fight to the death with against the restaurant's fighters. Jenna (Laci J Mailey) is kidnapped and brought to the restaurant to be a part of the special attraction only to see her father become the first victim and her sister (Kristy Dinsmore) to be a part of a live human anatomy exhibition which is much worse than you imagine. Jenna's friends attempt to infiltrate the restaurant and save her to varying degrees of success. Can Jenna, her sister and her friends escape the restaurant before becoming next on the menu?

I got to be honest, I only watched this because Alyson Bath from Girlhouse was in it (and she's having a blast in her role) and went in knowing very little, but it doesn't take long to find out what you're in for. Full of gushes of blood, plentiful dick jokes including way too many involving the sampling of such, hot chicks in not much clothes, shots focused on breasts, bizarrely low rent fight sequences, debatable racial humour (there's a character called Phat Phuk, where that character tells everyone it's pronounced Fat Fuck, come on...) and much more, Evil Feed is a silly movie and proud of it. It is what it is and I didn't hate the movie, but I was rolling my eyes quite a bit at how silly it was getting, so maybe next time I should read up more before watching something I know nothing about.

The good news: 1080hd film clips:

Alyson Bath film clip (collages below)

Aleisha Langmann film clip (sample below)

Natasha Langmann film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

A new Treat magazine photoshoot featuring various naked models (see below) in 720p

Alexandra Abercrombie

Emma Rigby

Tia Shipman

Alyssa Arce

Margaux Brooke

Leila Thomas

Elsie Hewitt

Natalie Portman's butt in Your Highness (2011) in 1080hd

Noelle DuBois in Biology 101 (2011) in 720p

Annabelle Leip in a 2008 episode of Tatort in 720p

Valentina Vargas in Street Of No Return (1989)

Pics and Collages

Chelsea Handler on the cover of Esquire

Chrissy Teigen photoshoot

Lindsay Lohan see-through