Another Night in Chyna


Y'know, there was absolutely no reason to have a second sex tape from Chyna unless there was something new or better in the second one. Arguably not even then.

If you like her, or are curious about her, and have not seen the first sex tape, watch that one. If you like her and have seen the first one, there's no more reason to watch this one, which is less daring and features a less attractive partner. Furthermore, there is nothing new to see, and the lighting is terrible in the last third of the tape.

Here are some X-rated samples, if you are interested.

Here is a sampler of the entire film (not just the clips above), as done by somebody else.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Sex and Death 101


part 1 of 2

1920x1080 clip of Winona Ryder. Samples below.

1920x1080 clip of Sophie Monk. Samples below.







The Four Musketeers


The Time Machine looks at the fourth musketeer, with screen legend Raquel Welch. Some cleavage from Raquel in this "Babe in Bondage" comical scene. Caps and a clip.




TV Land


Over in TV Land Patricia Heaton returns with some rather revealing scenes ( For TV ) in a final season episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond Except Scoop" Caps and a HD clip.

Newsbabe Alisyn Camerota makes an appearance on the Fox Network's late night show "Red Eye" and gives up a little cleavage. Caps and a very short HD clip.








Notes and collages


Season 6, episode 6

(There are no collages from episode 5)

Rose McGowan







Role Models


If you wanted to turn a bland PG comedy into an R-rated comedy, you'd probably do it by adding some nudity and profanity. That appears to be what this 2008 comedy did. The story itself could have easily been told minus both, and either way what you get is a tame and mildly amusing flick that's been done a million times before. For the unrated Blu-ray version, they added 2 minutes and 6 seconds that doesn't appear to have made it any better.

Danny and Wheeler are two salesmen working for an energy drink company. They give lectures at schools where they exhort the kids to abstain from drugs, and instead fill up on the company's energy drink (although the drugs would probably be healthier).

One day, depressed over their dead-end jobs and hopped up on energy drinks, they wind up wrecking the company truck and destroying a statue at a school. The judge gives them a choice: do jail time or spend 150 hours of community service in a mentoring program. It shouldn't surprise you at all that the kids assigned to the pair are the munchkins from hell, so it truly is a case of the asinine leading the idiotic.

Adam Sandler, who did a similar movie, might have pulled this one off. Unfortunately, Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott only managed to produce a boring and predictable movie, happy ending and all, that is only worth 101 minutes of your time if the alternative is to watch grass grow


Scoop's note: the Tina Casciana topless scene is new to Blu-Ray

Amanda Righetti Carly Craig Jessica Morris Tina Casciana







Looking back on Pamela Bellwood:

Angela Lindvall in stark naked outtakes from her Purple spread

Speaking of Purple: Anne Vyalitsyna

Speaking of Purple: Karmen Pedaru

Speaking of Purple: Magdalena Frackowiak

Speaking of Purple: Maryna Llinchuk

Speaking of Purple: Paz de la Huerta


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