I watched this comedy in fast forward because - well, life's too short to dance with ugly women (or even beautiful ones, unless the dancing leads elsewhere). And also because it's an unknown comedy directed by Ralph Malph from Happy Days, and starring Booger. I was already thinking "this is crap" during the opening credits. But that's not fair. It might be funny, but I just don't know.

Here is the official site if you want to spend more time on it than I did.

This clip may or may not be Charlotte Ross. I guess it could be a body double, but I don't know why she would use a butt double when she's already told us that she likes to show her buns ...


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Demon Sex


Demon Sex (2005) is a horror/soft core from Brain Damage Films.

Demons were eradicated from the earth, but not the women that loved them. Now that one of their skulls has been found, they will be cloned using DNA. Once the scientist succeeds, he goes to a strip joint. Naturally. There he watches Kristi, a body builder/stripper. Yes, a one name star, sort of like Madonna, but younger, in shape, with enough sense not to sing. After her act, Vesper Almasy does an S&M Goth act with a guy, and then has a fight with the horny club manager. She is offered a place to stay for her and her very pregnant friend Chastity, who misspelled her stage name in the credits, and has no lines. The residents of the house have big plans for Chastity. She will give birth to the first demon. Oddly, all that is required is a DNA douche. The fully developed fetus is instantly transformed into a demon.

I knew kids were impressionable, but this is ridiculous.

From there, it gets pretty normal, with sex, torture, 20 gallon douches, etc.

IMDb readers score this 1.9, with a whopping 14 votes. Yes, it is really that bad.

Brinke Stevens 4

Vesper Almasy 30

Tuesday Coren 13

Olivia Saint 32

Kristi 18

Seven 14










Olga Kurylenko


bonus: Olga in her modeling days









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