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Excessive Force

Excessive Force is a by-the-numbers "tough cop vs. everyone" film, martial arts variety. It takes place in Chicago, and the opening scene has three undercover cops busting a three million dollar drug deal between some distinguished and heavily armed Irish and Italian businessmen. It turns into a shoot out, and almost everyone is killed, except the three cops, and two mob guys. The head of the Italian group is upset because his money has vanished mysteriously.

Cop one, Thomas Ian Griffith, is a jazz pianist and a martial arts expert, recently separated from main squeeze Charlotte Lewis. Cop number two, his best friend, is showering with his girlfriend, Susan Wood, when the Italians break in, grab him, and shoot her. Then cop three, also a close friend, blows up in his apartment. Griffith is not amused. Griffith gets Lewis safely out of town, and then tries to figure out exactly what is going on.

The chief more or less tells him to get the Italians using whatever force he deems necessary, but the next supposed surprise is that the chief is crooked, and suddenly Griffith has no idea whom he can trust. So, will this one man army do in an unending supply of bad guys and make Chi Town safe for Democracy? As there is nothing original here, including the ending, I suspect you already know the answer.

Griffith wrote and produced this film, evidently thinking it could make him the next big action hero. Sorry, Thomas. Better luck next time. Griffith has no charisma, and even making him a jazz pianist and cat lover didn't help sell him as a lovable tough guy. And that's only the start of the film's problems. The script is derivative; there are no characters to care about; and there are no real surprises. Not only that, but two love scenes with naked women are not nearly sexy enough.

This is a D+.

  • IMDb readers say 4.3
  • It was a major disappointment at the box office, where it only took in $1.2M against an estimated budget of $13M.
  • Berardinelli seemed even less impressed than I was, and awarded 1/2 star.



Charlotte Lewis




Susan Wood












From 1998 and a flick titled simply Thursday. It starred Paulina Porizkova who displays some very nice T&A as she seduces a guy tied up in a chair. Now there's a switch.









Quand on sera grand

Simon, a 30 year old Jew of Algerian origin, is struggling to find his feet as an adult. He and his partner Christine are unable to have a child; his job as a journalist no longer satisfies him; the turbulent lives of his friends provides an unwelcome distraction; and he is barely on speaking terms with his father. Things start to get even more complicated when his grandmother becomes deranged and he starts to take an interest in the pregnant wife of an unsociable neighbor.


Judith el Zein









Snakes on a Plane



Samantha McLoed








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 2

... lots of cleavage and beautiful women in this smart sensual sci-fi TV series which got cancelled because the special effects cost more than the ad revenue could cover

I highly recommend this series for rental or purchase based on the obvious love put into this production. Some of the episodes are a bit odd in terms of psychological focus, which I really could have done without, yet the imagery is so lush I give it three thumbs up in an overview.

When the series got cancelled the fan-based impetus of a two-part mini-series to wrap up the loose ends did exactly that in a spectacular manner!

Virginia Hey, Ep 4

Virginia Hey, Ep 5

Virginia Hey, Ep 6

Virginia Hey, Ep 7

Claudia Black, Ep 5

Claudia Black, Ep 7

Alyssa Jane Cook






Rebecca Palmer in Blood Trails (video here, sample caps to the left)

Ines Sastre in Vidocq (film clip)

Ana De La Reguera in Asi Del Precipicio (video here, sample caps to the left)

Sally Kirkland in Cheatin' Hearts (film clip)

More of Bianca Gascoigne (Love Island winner). Yesterday we saw her pulling a Britney. Today she's sunning topless.
Mia Farrow shows off her rather unimpressive body in John and Mary.

What a strange life she has had. She was married to Sinatra and formed a household with Woody Allen. What do those two guys have in common besides bad hair?

The paparazzi catch Evangeline Lilly with her complete butt exposed.
Lacey Chabert in The Pleasure Drivers

Penelope Cruz

In Abre Los Ojos
In Volaverunt
In La Nia de tus Ojos


In No News From God






Pat's comments in yellow...

A 530-mile trek to the North Pole by two women explorers to call attention to global warming has been called off after one got frostbite from the extreme cold. She said that going forward at all costs and losing toes was never part of the plan. 

*  And in retrospect, it was pretty stupid to pack their bikinis. 

Israel has recalled longtime diplomat Tsuriel Raphael, its ambassador to El Salvador, after he was found outside his home, tied up, gagged, drunk, naked and wearing several S&M sex toys.  After being untied, he told police he was the ambassador of Israel.  A government spokeswoman said Raphael did not break any laws, but they consider it "behavior that is unbecoming of a diplomat."

*  If he likes being treated like that, Israel should make him their ambassador to Syria.

Some parents are threatening to remove their daughters from Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa because the rules are too strict, such as no cell phones or e-mail, only calling parents on weekends, and a diet of sandwiches, fruit and yogurt with no treats.

* They have to be kept in isolation, to keep Angelina Jolie from swooping in and adopting them.