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Weekend Box Office Results, March 10-12, 2006

  • The sum of the grosses for the three new releases came out about as expected, and they took the top three spots as expected, but they reversed their expected order. Failure to Launch did quite well and was about 8 million above expectations while the sum of the other two was about 8 million less than expected.
  • The top twelve were about 11% below the comparable group from the comparable weekend last year. It was the fourth straight week below last year, and the sixth negative week out of the last seven.




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Fantasies (1981) is a romantic comedy staring Bo Derek. In this film, her husband, writer and director John Derek accomplished something I would have thought impossible. He found someone to costar with less acting ability than Bo. It is set in a Greek Island, and, if you ignore the nudity from Bo, is a classic Disney plot. Bo and Damir (Peter Hooten) were raised together after his parents died by her grandfather. He has convinced a wealthy heiress to get her daddy to land his cruise ship on their island, and he is in charge of readying the island for this windfall. Meanwhile, Bo has grown up and filled out without his noticing. When a fashion photographer takes an interest in her, Damir sees her in a new light. The ending could not possibly be sappier, even if it had two dogs slurping spaghetti together.

Derek shows breasts several times, and does one full frontal.

IMDb readers say 2.5. This film is not easy to find. I screened an all Region PAL. You have the images now, and there is absolutely no other reason to seek this one out. The plot is trite, the acting non-existent, and the transfer quality is an oversaturated third generation VHS transfer. E.

Bo Derek


What could be better than one totally naked female running around a beach, that would be two naked females. From a DVD called "Eros" that consisted of three short films, the only one that was worth a hoot is "The Dangerous Thread of Things" with two very sexy ladies that were not afraid to show bare all.

Regina Nemni, topless, see through blouse and a sexy naked beach dance.

Luisa Ranieri, topless and her version of a nude beach dance.


Today from Brainscan...

A few edits of some recent paparazzi pics of UK babe Kelly Brook caught topless at the beach.

Kelly Brook


'Caps and comments by Spaz:

"Deranged" (1974)
Canadian hicksploitation based on the Ed Gein cannibal murders much like Psycho. Pat Orr shows some boob and butt while getting gutted, Micki Moore is in bra and panties while getting her nipples tweaked, and Marian Waldman shows some cleavage.

Pat Orr Micki Moore Marian Waldman

"Motel Hell" (1980)
Another hicksploitation based on Ed Gein but made in the US. This is on the flip-side of the Deranged DVD. Nina Axelrod shows some breasts and looks great in a wet t-shirt. Meanwhile Elaine Joyce is sexy as dominatrix and appears to be the streaker who is full frontal.

Nina Axelrod Elaine Joyce

"Circle Man" (1988) aka "Last Man Standing"
Ultimate fightsploitation. Lolita Davidovich shows some cleavage in an early role as a groupie while Sonja Belliveau shows some pokies.

Lolita Davidovich Sonja Belliveau

"The Eternal Husband" (1999)
Light Canadian drama and remake of the French movie La vengeance d'une femme. Mireille Dumont shows partial boob while Becky Blake shows some pokies.

Mireille Dumont Becky Blake

Some new, and mostly Euro goodies from UC99:

Ingrid Steeger:
from the German series "Klimbim"
Petra Maria Grühn:
"Die Frau gegenüber"
Lauren Lee Smith:
from "Lie With Me" (2005)

Marianne Denicourt:
in "Sade" (2000)
Moana Pozzi:
from "Liberitutti"
Viviane Bartsch:
in "Kaltfront" (2003)

Rita Russek:
in "Aus dem Leben der Marionetten" (1980)

'Caps and comments by Oz:

No nudity in the original Scream (1996) but some terrific pokies by Rose McGowan, and Neve Campbell has her top off.

Neve Campbell Rose McGowan

"Crucible of Horror"
Some breast and bum exposure by Sharon Gurney in Crucible of Horror (1970).

Sharon Gurney

"The Realm of Fortune"
Some brief breast exposure by Blanca Guerra in the Mexican film The Realm of Fortune (1986). Unfortunately, the quality of the film is not good.

Blanca Guerra

"Strictly Business"
It's just plenty of cleavage by Halle Berry in Strictly Business (1991).

Halle Berry

"Empire Falls" (2005)
Some lovely pokies and parital breast views by Helen Hunt in Empire Falls. Theresa Russell shows her assets, with her clothes on.

Helen Hunt Theresa Russell

"Death Becomes Her"
Caps from Death Becomes Her (1992) have appeared before, especially Catherine Bell's bum when she body doubles for Isabella Rossellini. However, there are a lot of other sexy shots of Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Isabella Rossellini, Michelle Johnson and Lydia Peterkoch.

Goldie Hawn Meryl Streep

Isabella Rossellini

Catherine Bell Lydia Peterkoch Michelle Johnson

Another look at Kelly Brook's recent topless beach adventure.

From Mr. Nude Celeb, here is a young, beautiful and topless Sherilyn Fenn in scenes from the mid 80's stinker, "The Wraith".

From is Dutch actress Rifka Lodeizen gettin' it on in scenes from "The 18:10 Train" (1999).