Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre

2020, 1080hd

Vanessa Loibl

Clara Grosse

s1e2, 1080hd

Rajshri Deshpande


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Tell It To The Bees

2018, 1920x1080

Anna Paquin

It’s a potpourri of movies this week, mainly from Northern Europe:


2011, aka "Rundskop"

No nudity in the Belgium film Bullhead, just a prostitute advertising herself in the red light district.

Krista Allen

as "Emmanuelle in Space"

All comments by Brainscan
One reviewer said of Patricia’s Arquette’s performance in Lost Highway that her breasts and bum appeared so often in the movie they should have gotten separate billing. Heaven only knows what the reviewer might have said about Krista Allen if he had watched any of the Emmanuelle in Space series. 

Those who wrote (?) and directed (?!) the series had a 1960’s Playboy mentality that guys like breasts, yes indeed, so let’s show ‘em as many as we can, as often as we can, and let’s forget about anything south of the belly button. 

Take One Last Fling (Emmanuelle 6) as a real good example.  Krista is in 8 scenes that make up a total of more than 15 minutes of on-screen breast time, which really should earn each of them separate billing - Krista B-1 and Krista B-2 - but you could search high and low and find maybe four seconds of any other B.

Same is true for any other actress in this, the last of the series, with only Stacey Leigh Mobley (pornstar Holly Hollywood) providing some brief moments of greater exposure.

There are breasts from Jennifer Burton and Debra Beatty as well as Stacey Mobley's lower body shown above


Because the camera does linger a bit at the back end of an actor or two, you get the sense the series was made for couples, but Ms. Allen was 21 when she appeared in it and she was gorgeous and she has gone on to a successful career in Hollywood, so I am guessing the main audience for any of these episodes is us, the readers of the Funhouse.

Earlier episodes of the series had a couple of triple B scenes, with Krista Allen in one and a trio of women in another.  Krista's is in an episode entitled The Meaning of Love, which is nothing more than a retrospective of scenes from past episodes held together - ever so tenuously - with a narrative of things such as, “Remember that time in Paris” or “Let’s study the first time we met in Athens”.  Okay, fine, nothing new if you have seen the others, but still really worth a look-see. Krista’s scene, lifted from the original episode called Concealed Fantasy, is in a shower, filmed with the most common technique used by the rando they pulled off the street and stuck behind the camera, which is go ‘round and ‘round with some sort of dangling shit between Krista and the lens.  Impossible to complain too much because she looks great and the camera does capture about every inch of her.

Second scene has Stacey Mobley again and Tiendra Demian and Kimberly Rowe from an episode called A Time To Dream.  The three of them dance in the buff in front of some guy

while Lori Morrissey and Debra Beatty loll around as he just lays there.  Doesn’t move a muscle, or apparently anything else.  Cinema verite’ at its finest. 

This one-guy-multiple-gal thing is a staple of the series.  One might be tempted to call them orgies, but one would be wrong.  They are what a 10-year-old boy with no internet connection thinks orgies ought to be.

Anyway, that’s my view on Emmanuelle in Space.  Take away Krista Allen and no one, certainly not little ol’ me, would pay a nanosecond’s attention to any of it.

Did anyone mention she was gorgeous?  Must have been me. 

Alicia Sanz in En Brazos de un Asesino (2019) in 1080hd

Diane Bathen and Alehandra Colom (and others) in Tremors (2019) in 1080hd



Radhika Apte in Clean-Shaven (2016) in 720hd

(Rare pubic nudity from an Indian star.)

Rene Russo