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The March 10th edition of Naked News:

Rachelle Wilde hadn't done full frontal and rear nudity recently.

This was the first time that Avery had done a good rear look.

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"Hemlock Grove"



Shiva Negar

Comments by Oz:

I’ve finished the chronological walk through the movies so for the next few months I’ll be doing other groups of movies with something in common. This week it’s Scandinavia, with movies from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with one from Finland thrown in. Most of the movies in Europe are co-productions so the country of origin can sometime be a bit flexible.

Today's teasers:


I wasn’t aware that Melancholia (2011) was a Swedish co-production, but if it gets Kirsten Dunst naked, who cares?

A Midsummer Comedy

Annica Bejhed

and Kari Hamfors Wernolf show some nakedness in the Swedish A Midsummer Comedy (2009).

Anna Littorin

and Lisa Werlinder look good.



Simone Buchanan film clip (sample below)


TV/Film Clips

Danneel Harris in Ten Inch Hero (2007) in 720p

Brooke Williams in Outrageous Fortune (e102) in 720p

Sheryl Lee in Vampires (1998) in 1080p

Rachel Blakely in One-Way Ticket (1997)

Jodie Foster in The Accused (1988) in 720p


A young Nicole Kidman totally naked in Billy Bathgate in HD